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Silver 300 HiFi Pack

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Say hello to sophistication!

Just as the heading says this pack oozes sophistication. The build quality, sonic characteristics, and aesthetics are all come to together create a perfect synergy.
The combination delivers a big sound with energy and texture in droves, we especially love how versatile the sound is, rock, hip hop, classical the package gets us involved in the music whilst never feeling fatigued or tiresome, its an excellent all-rounder with just the right balance of detail and warmth.

Items included in this pack:

  • Monitor Audio Silver 300 Floorstanding Speakers
  • Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier
  • Roksan K3 CD Player

Monitor Audio Silver 300




The Silver 300 bring performance levels that go beyond "value for money" which would put an emphasis on good for they're asking price, well that’s not quite correct....they are good full stop, regardless of price.

The full three-way design delivers class-leading mid-range, while a pair of long-throw 6-inch bass drivers work together to produce incredible power from the tall, but slim cabinet design, making it the perfect choice for the serious audiophile.

The three-way configuration allows each driver to be optimised to do a better job over a narrower frequency band; the only real way to deliver elevated performance in every respect. Superlatively natural mid-range comes courtesy of a dedicated 4-inch driver, specially designed with ‘under hung’ voice coil and motor system. This technique ensures the voice coil always remains in the magnetic gap under all conditions for demonstrably lower distortion than usually found at this level – an advance which can be immediately heard.

Coupled with higher overall impedance and better overall system damping, the cabinet can be placed close to a wall. However, this is a serious audiophile speaker, capable of delivering seismic levels of bass extension. For optimum performance, a distance of just 12 inches (30 cm) is needed between the speaker and wall, allowing the system to breathe and perform optimally. High overall sensitivity makes this new Silver 300 easy to drive with a modest, high-quality amplifier delivering precise, dynamic music or film to fill a medium to large room.



Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier:

With 150W into eight ohms -  It delivers a really big and confident sound – probably the largest we’ve heard at this price – with a wide soundstage that reaches to the very edges of the room.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you can really push the volume up high, this amp will take it without ever losing control. It’s punchy too, the bassline in Drake’s Under Ground Kings sounding solid and controlled, and there’s texture and detail on offer too, delivering extra depth and insight.

The melody and bassline weave together with agility and drive in a very cohesive and fluid presentation. There’s real energy to it as well, filling the intro to Of Monsters and Men’s Mountain Sound with bounce and verve. "What HiFi"


Roksan K3 CD DI Player

There are plenty of players at this price offering sound-per-pound scale and detail, but few are so musical.

Roksan has again designed a product promoting the character of what it’s playing, regardless of how subtle or opaque that character may be, and that’s why you’ll never tire of listening to it.
The K3 CD Di Player is the latest of our many award-winning CD players. It offers analogue and digital outputs as well digital inputs.
Speciality selected components including an advanced precision crystal master clock and a high quality internal 24 bit/192 kHz DAC results is a smooth open sound full of detail. Vocals are clean and lyrical, rhythms are solid and tight. The K3 CD Di delivers an involving musical performance ensuring maximum enjoyment from every disc played.