The very first Wharfedale speaker was made way back in 1932, in the cellar of Gilbert Briggs humble Yorkshire home in the Wharfe valley. This small loudspeaker assembly was the seed for what would become one of the most widely-sought after speaker manufacturers in hi-fi history - Wharfedale!


Like most audio designers, Gilbert Briggs was driven by a passion & appreciation for live music. In just over a year he managed to take his pioneering speaker design & established the first Wharfedale factory in Bradford.

The many decades since Wharfedale first speakers rolled off the assembly line have seen the company run from strength to strength - leading the charge in hi-fi technology, design and innovation for over 80 years now!

In the 1970s Wharfedale launched what are some of their most loved speaker lines - the Linton & Denton series. Characterised by their authoritative bass and room-filling presence, these were the perfect speakers for the emerging punk, rock & metal scene.

The next major step in Wharfedale speaker development came in 1981 with the launch of the Diamond loudspeaker range. These have been a staple in the Wharfedale range ever since, with constant improvements & advancements over the years giving life to many of Wharfedale's most celebrated speakers including the Diamond 200, Diamond Active & the Diamond 11 series.

Wharfedale continue to innovate. From their woven Kevlar drivers to their flawless cabinet designs - Wharfedale speakers are known for their deep bass, energetic midrange & crisp, clear high's.

Wharfedale strives to create 'champagne speakers on a beer budget' - gifting the customer with a high-quality & performance-focused hi-fi experience that doesn't break the bank. Hit play on the video below to watch Dan (our Digital Designer) unbox the stunning Wharfedale EVO 4.4 floorstanding speakers.