We are very proud of the fact that Living Entertainment stock T+A Hi-fi exclusively here in Australia. T+A stands for Theory & Application, and we can confirm, this kit gets all A+'s in the LENC exam room.


Actually they're scientists…

Ever since 1978, T+A's driving force has been curiosity. The aim was to define the framework of the possible, & push its limits a little further each day, & that’s what formed the stone of this company. T+A has always aspired to the creation of new findings rather than the exploitation of existing knowledge & as a result are determined to carve out our own advances, and not simply follow the progress of technology.

Satisfying this goal requires a team of fifteen designers & developers to create every device in our headquarters in Herford. From the initial design, developing every single circuit board & finishing with the software code – the stage which brings all the component parts together to form a grand ensemble.

T+A don’t build mass products, but acoustic treasures, evoking goosebumps and enthusiasm. 



Innovation & progress

From digital signal processing and active units in loudspeakers right to the world’s first DSD 1024-capable player: we can claim with pride that our belief in science has made T+A one of the world’s leading, most innovative Hi-Fi companies.

Our belief in science is also our guide in the selection of individual components: the position of each element is accurately calculated, so that it presents the resistance, develops the power or amplifies the current at the optimum point for sound reproduction. We accept no compromises in the optimisation process; “good enough” is never good enough: we insist on the optimum solution.


T+A Hi-Fi 3



We believe that ideas are only as good as their implementation, and that is why our production processes are designed to maintain the latest scientific standards of quality. Instead of assembly lines, we operate a traditional hand-crafting system: our highly-trained specialists work in small groups, manually assembling and checking each sub-assembly. This is our way of applying the theory and converting it into practice.

This method of working can only function if one other aspect is guaranteed: time. The time required to work with painstaking care, the time to check each individual component, the time to perfect what is already very good, and the time to make a product really breathtaking.

Our external cases consist exclusively of steel, aluminium or wood, because these are the only materials which fulfil our own expectations in terms of look and feel as well as quality. Our core principle is longevity, and we, therefore, need to consider this factor right at the initial stage of a new device’s conception: each individual item and material must fulfil the technical requirements in the optimum manner, but also promise an above-average life-span. This philosophy, combined with the knowledge of our developers, evolves products for generations – not just for a few years.




At every stage we pay homage to our design philosophy of timeless reduction: T+A devices should always look timeless – never old-fashioned. Over a period of forty years our designers have developed a stylistic idiom whose simplicity belies its progressive nature: extended shoulder lines, intersected by distinctive heat-sinks in the High-End series, ensure that our equipment looks elegant and elongated. The cooling elements of the HV series are an impressive indication of the machines’ performance potential, while modern developments such as LED lighting strips emphasise the progressive aspect of our products. 

The aim of our external design is always to blend the individual elements into a whole which is greater than simply the sum of its parts: more functional, further reduced, more aesthetic.

Using these methods we create products which are equally impressive both in technical and visual terms; products destined to last for decades, rather than just short-lived fashion accessories.


T+A Hi-Fi 6