Collecting vinyl records from your favourite artists definitely has its charm. There’s just something about using a record player and having a physical copy of the album in hand that a streaming service, be it be Spotify, Apple Music, or others, just cannot compete with. However, if you want your records to stay in the shape they were when you got them, you need to take good care of them - and that requires regular cleaning. 


Unfortunately, not all record cleaners are created equal. If you’ve been using either a brush-type or spray-and-wipe one, then you probably know just how inefficient those are - aside from being awkward to use, they don’t clean your vinyl record as well as it deserves to be cleaned. 

Well, with the Spin-Clean Record Washer System, you don’t have to worry about your vinyl not getting the care they deserve - after all, it is one of the most efficient record cleaning solutions on the market, for an affordable price at that. 

In our store, aside from the Spin-Clean Record Washer System, you can also purchase replacement brushes, as well as rollers. Although you receive them when you buy the washer system, anything can happen, so it’s better to have some spare ones stored somewhere, just in case.