Sgt Peppers Hi-fi System

Dual teams up with renowned British audio manufacturers Wharfedale and Audiolab to put the classical in classic analogue. Wharfedale’s EVO4.2 bookshelves combine with Audiolab’s 6000A integrated amplifier to deliver a refined listening experience. Paired with our CS 418 turntable, they create a dynamic and highly detailed high fidelity music system.

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Colour: Walnut
Turntable & Amplifier: Blackwood & Black

Key features

Complete Hi-fi system

Great sounding combination

Multiple 5-star reviews

Plays 45 & 33" records

Easy set up


The Sgt Peppers Hi-fi System

EVOs AMT treble technology gives instruments texture, timbre, and space, while the 6000A provides 50W of uncoloured authority to let the notes through. Though remarkable with all music genres, Sgt Peppers is a master with classical, jazz, electronic and instrumental.

This stunning combination of audio components produces a system dedicated to detail, dynamics, and truth – void of any sharp or brittle resonances responsible for listener fatigue. Instead, Sgt Peppers offers hours of transcendent listening experiences, transporting the listener into the recording studio or onto the stage. And with stunning curves, chrome trims, and multiple finishes, Sgt Peppers looks every bit as refined as it sounds.

Dual CS 418 Turntable

Return to the heart of music with breath-taking 2M Red musicality, effortless multi-speed play, and the convenience of an inbuilt phono preamplifier. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome back to life at 33 ⅓

With a classic rubber matt atop an anodised silver platter spinning over black vinyl veneer, CS 418 is a 70s-style turntable dripping in music tradition. Because the table you play should be worthy of the collection you worship.

Dual’s remarkable three-speed turntable beautifully compliments Wharfedale’s devilish Denton loudspeakers and the powerful Stereo 130 amplifier – both audibly and visually.

Wharfedale Evo 4.2 Bookshelf Speakers

EVO4.2 borrows heavily from Wharfedale’s flagship model Elysian to offer a premium loudspeaker without the premium price, one packing more technology per square inch than any other speaker in its class.

Combining 60mm AMT treble drivers with 50mm dome mids and 165mm woven Kevlar bass woofers, in curved chassis uniquely designed to absorb driver energy, EVO4.2 delivers exquisite top-end detail, impeccable midrange, and deep textured bass.

Audiolab 6000a Integrated Amplifier

With 50W of award-winning class A/B power, four analogue/digital inputs a piece, aptX Bluetooth, and an inbuilt phono preamplifier for turntables, 6000A is nothing short of astonishing.

There’s not a blogger, YouTuber or audio publisher out there singing anything less than the highest praise for 6000a's integrated talents. Seriously, Google it: five stars after five stars review.

The tonal realism remains extremely convincing and for all the effortless top extension and dispersion, the Wharfedale Evo4.2 is usefully forgiving too.

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