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From left to right, Daniel, Nat & Renae.

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Nat is the glue that holds this whole show together. He is the business owner, Hi-Fi expert and overall audio guru, with years of industry experience under his belt. He has an unrelenting passion for quality equipment and flawless sound - there really isn't much in the world of high-end audio he doesn't know about ... he's basically like an audio Yoda but with a few less wrinkles!


Favourite Artist: The Marcus King Band | Favourite Song: Maggot Brain - Funkadelic | Favourite Concert: Huckleberry Swedes


Renae is our Logistics Manager. She prides herself on impeccable customer service and works her tail off to make sure you get your products safe, sound and as quickly as possible. As an incredible musician herself, she knows the importance of music in day to day life. On her days off you’ll find her on her Maton Artist 808 guitar writing songs and singing her heart out.


Favourite Artist: Ed Sheeran | Favourite Song: More Than Words - Extreme | Favourite Concert: Black Eyed Peas and Ed Sheeran


Daniel is a motion designer and filmmaker with over 18 years of industry experience in the fields of online marketing, television, short film, visual effects and video game development, both nationally and internationally. He is spearheading our video & YouTube content, creating clips about all things hi-fi that are as informative as they are entertaining.


Favourite Artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Favourite Song: Hacker - Death Grips | Favourite Concert: Neil Young

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Product Of The Month | The Small & Streamy Pack!

Simplicity doesn't have to mean sacrifice, and our new Small and Streamy Pack is here to prove just that.

Pairing together the Bluesound Powernode 2i with the modestly sized but mighty Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers, this package is an elegant solution for your modern music streaming needs, designed to be as practical for your living room as it is in your kitchen or bedroom.

If space is at a premium, elegance is a must and high-quality sound can't be compromised - this completely custom and LENC-designed system might just be your ticket!

Small, streamy and dreamy ;)

Check it out below:

What Our Customers are saying!

"We had the pleasure of having Nat at Living Entertainment assist us with the selection of some high quality sound equipment within our budget. He considered each element of the system as well as how they would work together, and brought it home within our budget. When I say "brought it home", I mean that literally. He delivered it and set it up for us, ensuring that all was working properly and the sound quality is amazing! If you need some quality gear with incredible service, Living Entertainment delivers!"

Tom B.

Highly recommended. Nat at LENC is incredibly knowledgeable and personable - he took me through the various price points and systems to achieve my HiFi requirements. In store I was able to listen to the different speakers and amps and understand how the different price brackets influence the sound quality. Ultimately through tapping into Nat's expertise I was able to get a great HiFi system that I am very happy with.

Jared D.

Bought a great set of headphones and a DAC off of old Nat here. Great purchase, friendly staff and atmosphere. He really knows his stuff and helped with any questions I had, no matter how tedious.

Cheers LENC, I will definitely be back.

Luke B.

SONOS Multi-Room Packs

As one of the worlds most popular multi-room options, SONOS is at the forefront of wireless audio technology and bringing simple, elegant and powerful sound to countless homes everywhere.

Living Entertainment has put together a number of unique custom SONOS packs designed to give you a range of great options, save you money, simplify your multi-room system and achieve the best from your individual components. 

Hi-Fi Packs

The hi-fi world can be an absolute minefield of misinformation and endless specifications, leaving even the seasoned audiophile scratching their head.

When it comes to selecting a hi-fi system, hi-fi packs are a brilliant way to get an expertly curated and complete 'ready-to-go' hi-fi setup at an excellent package price.

The hi-fi packs you'll find below are unique to Living Entertainment North Coast and have been carefully constructed and tested to get the most from each product - ensuring that every component is matched to get the absolute best performance from the system as a whole.

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