When it comes to the list of crucial parts of a record player, turntable cartridges, also sometimes called phono cartridges, are definitely somewhere at the top. After all, they make the magic happen when they relay the sound from your vinyl through the record player. They are located at the end of the tonearm and include a needle (or stylus as it is professionally known) that reads the record and sends the information gathered through an electrical current, resulting in the music being played from the speakers. 

Although most turntable cartridges’ bodies are made out of plastic, on our website, you can also find a few made for those who don’t mind spending money on their precious record player. It truly depends on you which one you’ll choose, but we can guarantee that no matter which one you’ll pick, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. 

And if you’re unsure which turntable cartridge will be the right decision, you can always get in touch with us. Whether you call, send us a message or visit us personally at our physical location, there will always be someone to answer your questions and help you pick the right turntable cartridge. 

Our products are available in our physical store, in Lismore. However, if you don’t live there, worry not, as you can always order them online, provided they are available. For orders below $100, the shipping costs $9.95, while those who purchase over $100 worth of products will get the goods delivered for free. It’s important to keep in mind that depending on where you are, the parcel might take up to 14 working days for your package to arrive.

Turntable Cartridges