The Sonos story

A new way of listening

It started with four; John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai, & Craig Shelburne.

In 2005, Sonos introduced its first wireless speaker, the Sonos Digital Music System. The system allowed users to stream digital music from their computers to multiple speakers located in different rooms of the house. The Sonos system was praised for its ease of use& high-quality audio, and it quickly gained a loyal following.

The Sonos story

Budding friendships

Over the years, Sonos has partnered with major music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, & Pandora, among others, to provide users with access to a vast library of music.

This integration has made Sonos one of the most versatile & user-friendly wireless audio systems on the market.

The Sonos story

Going public

In August 2018, Sonos went public with an initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The IPO was considered a success, with the company raising $208 million and its shares soaring more than 30% on the first day of trading.

The Sonos story

Keep innovating

Today, Sonos is a leading player in the wireless audio market, with a wide range of products that cater to different needs and budgets. The company continues to innovate & expand its product line, with recent releases such as the Sonos Roam portable speaker & the Sonos Beam soundbar with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos is also focused on enhancing the user experience by improving its software and developing new features such as high-resolution audio support & voice control.


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Sonos One SL Wireless SpeakerSonos One SL Wireless Speaker
Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker
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Sonos Turntable SystemSonos Turntable System
Sonos Turntable System
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Sonos One SL Two Room PackSonos One SL Two Room Pack
Sonos One SL Two Room Pack
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SONOS One (Gen 2) Two Room PackSonos One Gen 2 Two Room Pack
Sonos One Gen 2 Two Room Pack
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Sonos In-Ceiling PackSonos In-Ceiling Pack
Sonos In-Ceiling Pack
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SONOS One (Gen 2)Sonos One Gen 2
Sonos One Gen 2
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Sonos Arc Premium Wireless Soundbar #colour_black#colour_black
Sonos Arc Premium Wireless Soundbar
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SONOS SUB Gen 3 Premium Wireless Subwoofer #colour_black#colour_black
Sonos Sub Gen 3 Premium Wireless Subwoofer
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Sonos Outdoor PackSonos Outdoor Pack
Sonos Outdoor Pack
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SONOS Move | Battery Powered Wifi + Bluetooth SpeakerSonos Move Portable Speaker
Sonos Move Portable Speaker
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SONOS Roam | Battery Powered Wifi + Bluetooth SpeakerSonos Roam Portable Speaker
Sonos Roam Portable Speaker
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Sonos Amp Multiroom Streaming AmplifierSonos Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier
Sonos Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier
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Sonos In-Ceiling SpeakersSonos In-Ceiling Speakers
Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers
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Sonos Beam (Gen 2) #colour_black#colour_black
Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar
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Sonos One Wall MountsSonos One Wall Mounts
Sonos One Wall Mounts
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Sonos Port Wireless StreamerSonos Port Wireless Streamer
Sonos Port Wireless Streamer
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Sonos Five Gen 3 Wireless SpeakerSonos Five Gen 3 Wireless Speaker
Sonos Five Gen 3 Wireless Speaker
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SONOS Arc Wall MountSONOS Arc Wall Mount
Sonos Arc Wall Mount
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Sonos Indoor-Outdoor PackSonos Indoor-Outdoor Pack
Sonos Indoor-Outdoor Pack
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SONOS Surround Set with BeamSONOS Surround Set with Beam
Sonos Surround Pack with Beam
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Sonos One & One SL StandsSonos One & One SL Stands
Sonos One & One SL Stands
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Sonos Immersive Pack with BeamSonos Immersive Pack with Beam
Sonos Immersive Pack with Beam
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Sonos Five Two Room Pro PackSonos Five Hi-fi Pack
Sonos Five Hi-fi Pack
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Sonos Outdoor Speakers (Pair)Sonos Outdoor Speakers (Pair)
Sonos Outdoor Speakers
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