The question of the best speaker system is a hard nut to crack. However, powered and active speakers will always have a place in a home audio speakers setup.

These innovative speakers provide crisp and realistic acoustics, almost on par with full-blown home theatre systems. 

Raise Your Game, Music, and Movie Experience with Active Speakers

The compact design and uncomplicated setup of active speakers make them a perfect choice for people who love to take gaming, movie, and music experience to a new level. 

The small footprint it leaves in your entertainment room makes it ideal for small living spaces. Because of this, integrating an active speaker setup into your existing entertainment room design seems like child's play. 

Never Underestimate Active Speakers

Even though powered speakers setups don't have dedicated support equipment such as specialised amps, they can still perform their duty with minimal audio quality setbacks.

Their innovative design and construction also allow them to have simple operating settings. That means you're freed up from confusing fiddly audio configurations whenever you switch from movies to soundtracks. 

Living Entertainment's top choice of active speakers delivers pristine sounds and unmatched audio quality. You have the capacity to choose between a selection of active bookshelf speakers such as the KEF LS50 WIRELESS II, all the way to multi-room options, including the AUDIO PRO A26 and A36 POWERED SPEAKERS.

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