Founded by Norwegian audio engineer Bent Holter in the late 1980's - Hegel Audio is now one of the best-established Hi-Fi and audio brands in the world.


After testing Hegel extensively with speakers like Monitor AudioWharfedalePMC & B+W, what struck me most is what Hegel electronics did to the sound. It allowed the personality of the speakers to shine. And it only ever got better as you went up the range. If there is potential in the speaker, the Hegel will unleash it.

As for the range, the 95, 120, 190 are all Roon Ready with compatibility for the 390 & 590 just around the corner. In the 190, you double the damping factor to the 120. For ink black silences. As you step up to the 390 & 590 integrated amplifiers, you get an amazing quality DAC upgrade. Built in-house, the Bit Perfect DAC is all-time. Award -winning even.

All inputs on the Hegel amplifiers can be used as a Home Theatre Bypass. Check out how that works here.

Can set your max volume trip rail for yourself so you don't break things.

Hegel's inception can be traced back to when Holter started out as an engineering student at the Technical University in Trondheim (NTNU). But he soon found that there was a problem with the design of many amplifiers. In 1988 he undertook a thesis on designing an amplifier that wouldn't produce harmonic distortion - which was a common issue with classical amplifier designs of the time. The result of this became the basis of what is now Hegel's proprietary SoundEngine Technology, responsible for the exceptional dynamic range, low distortion and incredible clarity that Hegel products are famous for.

Taking his newly acquired knowledge and technology, Holter set up Hegel's first Trondheim workshop in 1991, producing Hegel's first-ever products. The following year he was joined by Svein Larsen who brought over 20 years of experience in the hi-fi industry to the table. As product ideas developed and took shape, it became clear the company would need more money. This came in the way of a strategic partnership with one of Norway's largest telecommunications providers Telenor.

With all of the puzzle pieces now in place, Hegel was primed to surge forward in creating a range of multi-award-winning amplifiers, DAC's and CD Players along with numerous proprietary and revolutionary audio technologies. Hegel is forever refining and improving their range to be ever-aligning with their mission statement of producing "a sound so authentic and true-to-life you feel like it could have been captured live".



Hegel Audio