The Rega story

Inception and Vision

Rega burst onto the scene in 1973, born from the vision of Roy Gandy in his humble Essex home.

Determined to craft exceptional audio gear that wouldn't break the bank, Roy set out to revolutionise the industry.

The Rega story

The Planar 3 Revolution

Just four years later, Rega unleashed the Planar 3 turntable, a game-changer that shook the audio world.

Praised for its unmatched performance and affordability, the Planar 3 propelled Rega into the limelight and set a new standard for turntable excellence.

The Rega story

Digital Revolution with the Saturn CD Player

Rega didn't just stick to analogue excellence; in 1998, they made a splash in the digital realm with the Saturn CD player.

Combining their renowned audio expertise with cutting-edge digital technology, the Saturn delivered a new level of clarity and precision, earning accolades from critics and enthusiasts alike.

This bold step showcased Rega's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies while staying true to their core values of exceptional sound quality and affordability.

The Rega story

Quality & Innovation

Rega stands tall as an icon of audio innovation, with a diverse lineup of top-notch turntables, amplifiers, speakers, and more, all proudly crafted in the UK.

Their commitment to quality and passion for sound continues to captivate audiophiles worldwide, ensuring that the Rega legacy of excellence lives on.


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