Passif Stereophonic Hi-Fi Pack


In the Passif Stereophonic Hi-fi Pack, NAD’s 50-year history of innovation meets the future of hi-fi alongside the vintage inspired looks of the PSB Passif speakers. With its dual VU meters, push-button input selectors, walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet, and 1970s cursive-style branding, the C 3050 recalls the components that helped a generation of music-lovers discover the joys of great audio.

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Colour: Black/Walnut

Key features

Dirac Live Room Correction


24-bit DAC

Roon ready

Complete Hi-Fi pack


The Passif Stereophonic Hi-Fi Pack

Welcome to the future of hi-fi, with a nostalgic twist. NAD's 50-year legacy combines with the classic looks of the PSB Passif Standmount Speakers. VU meters, push-button input selectors, a walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet; all the vintage vibes without sacrificing sound quality - just take one look and you're transported back to the '70s. Get ready to experience hi-fi like never before!

NAD C 3050 Streaming Amplifier

With its full suite of digital and analogue inputs, the C 3050 can accommodate all your source components. Vinyl fans will appreciate the C 3050’s ultra-low-noise MM phono stage. For movie and TV viewing, there’s an HDMI eARC interface, enabling the C 3050 to serve as the hub or a two- or 2.1-channel home-theatre setup. The C 3050 also has line-level analogue, coaxial digital, and optical digital inputs.

In addition to two sets of speaker terminals, the C 3050 has a subwoofer output and a dedicated headphone amplifier. It also features two-way Bluetooth aptX HD, so you can stream music to the amplifier from a mobile device or stream music from the amplifier to a pair of wireless headphones. Pre-out/main-in connections let you use the C 3050 as a preamp only and add a separate power amplifier. For custom integrators, there’s a 12V trigger and IR input.

PSB Passif Loudspeakers

With an open-grained walnut veneer enclosure, magnetically attached woven cloth grille, and dedicated stand, PSB’s anniversary edition, Passif 50 Standmount Loudspeaker evokes the storied history of one of the world’s great audio brands. Created to commemorate 50 Years of PSB Speakers, the Passif 50 harkens back to the legendary Passif I and Passif II models that established the brand’s reputation for performance and value, while being an all-new design employing technology tricked down from PSB’s flagship Synchrony speakers. It’s the latest application of PSB’s True to Nature design philosophy.

AudioQuest Rocket 11 3 Metre Banana to Banana Speaker Cable Pair

AudioQuest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable

Rocket 11 is an ideal Full-Range or Single-BiWire cable. Single-BiWire allows you to optimise performance when the speakers have Bass and Treble inputs. BiWiring reduces distortion in the cable — taking the big Bass energy out of the cable carrying the more delicate Treble is like taking the waves out of the water when you (the Treble) are trying to swim. The magnetic autonomy of the separate halves of the Rocket 11 maximises the BiWire advantage.

Semi-Solid Concentric conductors are a far-superior performance alternative to typical stranded conductors. Semi-Solid Concentric conductors use fewer, larger strands that do not change position down the length of the cable. The strands maintain their fixed, rigid relationships, reducing distortion, improving resolution and dynamics, and greatly minimising harshness and confusion due to strand interaction.

This is a deeply impressive speaker that pulls the neat trick of vanishing from the performance it creates.

Ed Selley

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