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Terrific service, as usual.

Amazing cable, fantastic service

Replaced my ~ 25 year old speaker cables on my Wharfdale Diamonds with Audioquest Rockets. Massive difference to the sound.
Very prompt service from Lenc. Thank you!!

Pro-ject DS2 Tube Phono.

Pre purchase & delivery service was great.
It arrived yesterday & I hooked it up. I love it's hot switchable functions between 2 TT's & 2 Amps. & dial adjustable Loading. Sounds really nice.
The only issue is the subsonic switch is skewed & not sitting flat like the others. (Manufacturing problem)
I sent off a quick message to Gabby at LENC & she got straight back to me & it's getting sorted.
Great service.

Complete Perfection

I love my Meze Neo 99's and have the 2.5mm Silver-plated upgrade cable for my DAC, but when switching back to use my Neo's with the standard 3.5mm, I needed the upgraded. Audiophile heaven. Service is second to none with delivery almost immediate. Thanks guys, my go to place for my audiophile needs.

Great stand for era 100

As always excellent service from Nat the team. I have bought a few items so far and now a loyal customer. This stand will complement my Sonos collection.

Great product

Arrived in reasonable time. Using it a few days (also applied tge Lube It lubricant), the improvement it brings is more than subtle. All instruments and voices become more energetic, hence more clarity. Worthwhile upgrade.

The Meze headphone cable is nice and light and the sound quality is close to the premium one.

Meze headphone cable

This Meze headphone cable is a great little one for my headphones.

A Superb Amplifier

This has been a sensational upgrade from an already outstanding Cambridge AXA35.
The HDMI ARC did it for me. I needed something that'll be an all-in-one solution with plenty power to drive my Focal Choras. This Audiolab 7000A is worth every cent.
The output pushes the drivers of the Focals with a force that shows their class. The sound is clear, concise, and with depth.
I believe that this is my final amplifier. It's built for years of use, materials are premium, the LCD screen indicator is clear and bright and the features are phenomenal.
The audio is dynamic, revealing details that I hear with my Philips Fidelio X3 headphones.
Save your money and let this be the amplifier you get.
Living Entertainment had the unit in my hands in a week! That's insane!

Great product. Got as a replacement for my NA6005 Network Streamer. Great sound quality with built-in amplifier. I'm using the system with Polk Audio RTi A1 bookshelf speakers. Used Marantz amplifiers for some time. Great support and communication from the folks at Living Entertainment. Looking to upgrade to a Primaluna amp sometime in the future.

Great product- fantastic!!

A Bit Short

Don't get me wrong it's a fine cable, but only 1m in length means you better be sure thats all you need. I recommend getting at least a 1.5 - 2 meter long one instead.

Boom Boom

Absolutely wonderful bass. Should have bought one of these along time ago.

Bluesound Node X

The Bluesound Node X pairs beautifully with the Cambridge CXA81 amp and Wharfedale 12.3 Diamond speakers bringing with it a whole new music streaming experience using Tidal. The Node X accentuates the quality and detail of good recordings adding another layer to the listening experience.
The Node X initial update and set up was simple and straight forward. The BluOS app is intuitive and easy to use.
Living Entertainment is great to deal with, was prompt and efficient dispatching the Node X that arrived within a couple of days.
The Bluesound Node X is a great addition to the HiFi system.

Huge difference

Purchased an AT-VM95EN/H combo kit from LE. Item arrived promptly and in a neat and secure box. Included stylus cover. Very happy with the product, so much more oomph from the pick-up.

Great sounding Transport for the money. Audiolab never fails

Meze headphone cable

I’m quite happy with the meze cable but I think I got the cheaper version I hope you haven’t charged me for the dearer one.

The Epson ELPMB30 projector mount was easy to install and adjust has been well engineered. Low profile design and cover plates make for a very clean and neat installation. I would recommend this mounting system for all suitable Epson projectors.

Delivery from Living Entertainment was very prompt.

Powerful little amplifier

The S14 is a streaming amplifier analogous to the tuner amps of yesteryear. Teamed with a music service it gives you constant hi quality music. The S14 provides a powerful, neutral and detailed sound through my Dynaudio Contour 1.3 speakers (and they need the wpc). Setup was fairly straightforward: I couldn't get Tidal to begin with but after thinking about the emphasis in the manual on Spotify and Apple I decided there must be a solution in the menu under network. Perhaps the remote (needs a button battery) or the App might have got me there sooner but I'm a bit old school. My only real gripe is the poor quality of the paint finish on the top casework - something that could bother you if the amp is on display rather than in a unit shelf.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 Over-Ear Headphones
Paul H.
Sublime Bowers & Wilkins :

Bought this pair of Px2 S7 headphones over recent times.

They are just simply superb, to the point my path of direction has now changed when looking at that 1 particular audio brand of choice from this point onwards.

To me personally Music is the soul of me, Bowers & Wilkins sit alone at the very top all by itself, it simply is the best of the best their is on the planet.

Back to the PX7 S2's they are quite extraordinary as a pair of middle class headphones, clarity, clean sound, every instrument & clarity is certainly noticeable, their is no stone untuned with every single little detail covered with class & perfection.

Final word, if your after a mid-range pair of headphones simply just get yourself a pair of these, I know personally I'll only look at this brand the elite of elite in anything related to sound again from this point onwards.

Thanking you Living Entertainment.

Paul Hamilton

SVS Mini 3000 sub

Good quality sub with good conductivity. The app made this sub fine-tune the bass requirements for small and medium room.

Delivery needs improving

8 days for delivery for a pair of cables is far too long

Ortofon 2M Blue Replacement Stylus

20 % better than old stylus

Versatile, small and powerful

Revisiting this a few months later - continue to love this amp, it's hugely versatile and manages all my streaming needs. The eARC HDMI allows me to connect it to my TV, so it does double duty as a soundbar replacement (albeit with stereo speakers - but these sound so much better than any soundbar).

It's also one of the only streaming amps I could find with these features that could fit inside my entertainment unit space (my previous Marantz was too deep).