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Great personal service

Ortofon 2M Blue stylus

Purchased from LENC in pre-Black Friday sale. Very promptly shipped and delivered. A great upgrade to my 2M Red. Improvement in bass particularly noticeable but mids and highs also benefit. LENC have always been very helpful and I have found their advice to be genuine and accurate.

Great turn around and quality pa king.

Nice turntable

I haven't been able to play with this turntable much yet but so far I am very happy with it. I have a lot of old vinyl that I haven't played for years and just wanted a turntable that was a bit above entry level and the essential fits the bill nicely.
There was a bit of a hiccup with it being damaged during delivery but all replaced with no problems. It is a bit fiddly to set up to start with but persistence was the key in my case.
Very happy with the service from Nat at Living Entertainment who was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful.
Cheers Ross

A nice cartridge!

I finally got around to installing this cartridge in my Marantz turntable last night and installing it was quite straight forward. Two grams tracking and setting overhang was easy enough and the new mounting system is a delight. The only quirk was getting the recommended load capacitance into the desired range, as the treble response is somewhat adversely affected by the correct capacitance loading. All ok now and it sounds very nice indeed.

The caruso is a great little piece of kit and well worth the price.

Good quality banana plug

Nice quality and good sound

Pro-Ject X1 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red
Will L.
Pro-Ject X1 for Christmas.

I recently purchased the X1 in Walnut. It's a Christmas present for my partner to give to me. It didn't make it under the tree. Instead it sits next to my Marantz amp and through its electronic trickery is now connected to my Wharfedale Evos.
Beautifully made, visually simple but stunning, the X1 compliments my walnut Wharfies. Aside from the looks it is the sonic excellence that Pro -Ject and Ortofon provide that is the real head turner. First piece of vinyl was Disintegration by the Cure. Aurally dense and layered, this new turntable tackled this classic with finesse, presenting a sound field that was detailed and immersive. Next up was David Johannsen's ripping live album Live It Up, Abbey Rd and Coltrane's Theme for Ernie. I didn't know what I was missing. Pure bliss.

Satisfied with Thor products.

Happy with my purchase. I feel my equipment is safe with this Thor product. I am about to purchase a second one . I do need more around the house. The high power protection in Joules is what drawn me to Thor products. Living entertainment has delivered the item promptly and one of the best price Ive seen online.

Huge upgrade from built in phono stage

Sounds fantastic. A huge improvement over the phono pre-amp in my receiver. Dialling the in the impedance etc to match your cartridge is a dream, and support for two distinct turntables allowed me to A/B my new turntable purchase. This thing seriously rocks. I don't have a balanced turntable, but this thing makes me wish that I did! Highly recommended

Great experience

Great product and great service. There was an issue in the delivery address I put in and they were able to sort it out. It redirected and delivered within a couple of days, which was way quicker than expected.

Cinnamon HDMI cable

Amazing product and Amazing service 💯 % recommend to everyone this team goes out of there way to get you a great product for a great price


I am using these primarily as PC speakers for games/Spotify and they are very good. Nice sound and easy to setup. Fills the office with sound very well for such small speakers.

Bowers and wilkins 600 series s2 anniversary

These are the worst speakers they ever made

Great service. Honest with clear communication

I really like these trusty Audio Technica stylus cleaning fluids.

Easy to set up, easy to operate

The SVS Prime Wireless Pro Soundbase was the only streaming amplifier I could find for a reasonable price that included HDMI ARC, built-in ChromeCast, and a decent amplifier. It was super simple to set up, and even more simple to operate. Love this streaming amp!

Excellent service.

Great product with excellent and prompt service.

Excellent subwoofer!

Sign of the times

Wow. $3,200.00 AUD for 70 wpc into 8 ohms and a whopping 100 damping factor, no dac and no MC stage. No thank you.

Great product

Super happy ,5star company.

Rotel RC-1590 MKII Stereo Preamplifier

A solid starter preamp for HiFi newcomers and recent entrants. Has fully balanced xlr and rca inputs, features bass/treble tone controls, has MM phonostage. Sounds are full range, deep enough bass to solid treble. Has readable display (dimmable), fully functional remote. Comes in silver or black. The service and pricing by LENC are best in the market that I found, so buy with confidence. Eventually I will replace this with an Audio Research preamp classic but it will certainly do until then...

Gotta be happy

I’ve ordered a couple of times with these guys, and they never disappoint. Prompt shipping, affordable prices, and always a completely hassle free experience. Would recommend

best thing since sliced bread

I love the Ultimate Vinyl Record Cleaning kit. So easy to use and it has brought to life, with new clearer sound, some of my old dirty records. Even those that were family hand-me-downs which we thought we would never hear clearly. Our whole family has one now and we are all really happy. Its definitely worth the investment for those who love the warm sound and experience of playing a record.

Best birthday present ever!

As his mother, I bought them at his request for his birthday. Now everytime I see him when at home, he always has them on. He says the sound quality is AMAZING, so much better than his earbuds.
He says "thank you so much" 😍