LEAK: Hi-Fi Pioneers & Innovators

Leak Audio was first launched in 1934 as H. J. LEAK & CO LTD, by none other than Harold Joseph Leak. Originally based out of London, England, Harold's driving mission with Leak was to specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality audio components.

With Harold Leak at the helm as a ‘Sound Engineer Technician’, he was joined by Ted Ashley in the late 1930s who later became Chief Engineer for the company. LEAK became a market leader of affordable but high-performance home audio equipment… for decades upon decades.

Under the guidance of these two talented audiophiles - Leak Audio developed amplifier technology, loudspeakers, pickups and turntables for many decades, spanning through what is often referred to as the golden years of British audio innovation.

As with most British companies throughout the 1930's and 1940's, Leak was heavily affected by the war, but used these arduous years to develop improved audio technology that led to the low-noise, high performance and unparalleled fidelity systems they eventually became so famous for.

In the decades following the war, Leak surged ahead with its high-fidelity endeavours, producing a number of iconic hi-fi pieces including the LEAK TL/12, TL/25, TL/50 tube amplifiers, as well as their proprietary 'sandwich' speaker technology.

In the late 1960's Leak made their first move into solid-state amplifiers with the creation of some of the most celebrated amplifiers of the time - such as the Stereo 30 and Stereo 70.

Sadly, these were some of the last units produced by Leak as the company succumbed to pricing pressures and was forced to shut up shop not long after... that is, until now!

2020 brought in the companies 84th birthday and resurgence of LEAK AUDIO with IAG Group at the helm. Maintaining the art-deco inspired design, Leak has been reborn with the creation of the Leak Stereo 130 integrated amplifier and Leak CDT CD Transport.

Combining some of the best modern hi-fi technology available with that classic-styled retro styling, the Leak Stereo 130 and CDT combine for the best of both digital and analogue listening - offering a MM phono input, a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit, an ESS sabre32 reference DAC, aptX Bluetooth, Optical TOSlink and a number of digital and analogue RCA.

Leak undoubtedly has one of the most prestigious and fascinating histories of any Hi-Fi company, responsible for some of the industries most celebrated innovations to this day.

We are proud Authorised Australian Retailers of Leak and more than happy to run you through anything you want to know about them! Watch on below as Nat, our System Consultant, takes you through a listening session with the new Leak Stereo 130 and CDT combination.

Leak Audio