Founded on the back of a generous donation from a very satisfied customer, John Bowers first launched the Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) we now know and love in 1966 from a humble electronics shop in Worthing, South England.

In the decades that have come since, Bowers and Wilkins have been at the forefront of Hi-Fi and audio innovation, consistently producing technology and speaker designs to move with the changes in music tastes and listening styles that each era has demanded.

As an iconic British brand responsible for reference speakers in many of the worlds leading recording studios, the most exciting advancement for B&W in recent times has been its partnership with 'EVA Automation' - allowing for the combination of world-famous sound engineering with intuitive digital technology. 

From this, Bowers and Wilkins have recently launched their PX series headphones and Formation Suite multi-room range, both of which have quickly become benchmark's in their respective categories.

Bowers and Wilkins continue to drive forward with their innovative style, producing new technologies and refining old systems in everything from traditional Hi-Fi and home theatre, through to personal Head-Fi and multi-room audio.

Bowers and Wilkins