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Bringing together both the Rotel A11 Tribute and the CD11 Tribute this pack is designed to get you the best possible sound at an incredibly modest price point. Both of these components were developed in cooperation with the audio engineering legend Ken Ishiwata as a Tribute to his legacy.

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Key features

Ken Ishiwata Designed

50 Watts Class AB

Built-in Phono Stage

Award Winning Design

Beautiful Sounding combination


The Rotel Tribute Pack

The A11 Tributes upgraded components and meticulous tuning of all critical circuits deliver a richer, expressive, and true-to-life experience from the Bluetooth, RCA and Moving Magnet Phono Stage inputs, meanwhile, The CD11 is utilising a custom selection of acoustically tuned components delivering an even higher level of performance and acoustic clarity standing ready to playback the 200+ million CD’s that been sold over the past 30 years.

A legends final design

The A11 Tribute is a Class AB 50W (8 ohms) Integrated Amplifier developed in cooperation with the audio engineering legend Ken Ishiwata as a Tribute to his legacy spanning over 40 years in the industry.

The collaboration between Ken and Rotel’s own engineering design teams delivered on the promise of an even higher level of performance of the extremely successful and popular award-winning A11. Upgraded components and meticulous tuning of all critical circuits deliver a richer, more expressive, and true-to-life experience from all of the support source inputs including apt-X and AAC wireless Bluetooth, array of 4 RCA analog inputs and a Moving Magnet Phono Stage for vinyl fans.

A11 Tribute Integrated Amplifier

Specially selected improved components were chosen to offer higher performance throughout the signal path. In the amplifier stage, all 10 capacitors and two resistors in the signal path were changed.

For the pre-amp, six capacitors were upgraded, representing over 50% of the components in the signal path. All six capacitors in the volume stage were also upgraded.

Custom damping materials were added to the A11’s mechanical chassis to reduce ringing and further isolate/insulate and dampen any vibrations within the product.

The front panel graphic display and IR remote ensure effortless control of the audio driven by a Rotel in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformer. The resulting acoustic performance speaks for itself under all loading conditions with even the most difficult speaker loads.

CD 11 Tribute CD Player

The CD11 Tribute includes critical changes to the power supply, DAC circuits, and precise selection of components in the audio signal path delivering an increased sense of space, improved accuracy, detail, and genuineness of the audio.

Specifically, eight capacitor changes and one resistor change were made in the DAC stage while in the power supply all nine capacitors were changed with improved components.

A great deal of thought was given to the damping of internal vibrations with custom damping material added to the top cover to eliminate vibration and ringing, while further changes were made to the mechanical and electrical grounding of the CD player.

The CD11 Tribute and A11 Tribute set a high bar for Rotel products from now on, especially in value terms – they'll be a hard act to follow. They also sound slightly sweeter and more euphonic than you'd expect from this marque, clearly showing the Ishiwata influence.

David Price

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