Founded by Raymond Cooke in 1961, KEF ('Kent Engineering Foundry') is now widely known as one of the most innovative and performance-oriented Hi-Fi & Home Audio manufacturers in the world.

KEF has made remarkable advancements and contributions to music and the Hi-Fi industry in the 60 or so years since their first loudspeaker design hit shelves.

Pioneering a range of audio technologies that have redefined both professional and home audio (i.e. the multi-award-winning Uni Q driver arrays), they are now the reference brand for many industry standards.

Over the years they've taken their proprietary and award-winning technologies and scaled them across most personal and home audio categories including; Hi-Fi speakers, active speakers, subwoofers, headphones and architectural speakers.

The most recent product releases from KEF have been some of the most anticipated products in a very long time - KEF LS50 Wireless II, KEF LS50 Meta and LSX just to name a few.

If you're interested in the LS50 Wireless II - we highly recommend you watch this video:

KEF’s mission is to deliver sound with as little intervention as possible; from treble to bass, and everything in between. Listeners should be able to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the sound so deeply that they are transported, in their minds, to the source. 

KEF is celebrated by Hi-Fi enthusiasts around the world for its outstanding sound quality, attention to detail and precision.

We are proud to be authorised retailers of all KEF products here in Australia, offering a full warranty on everything we range, and customer service like no other!

KEF Speakers Australia