Rotel Diamond 6000 Duo

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The Rotel Diamond Series DT-6000 DAC transport & RA-6000 intergrated amplifier celebrates Rotel’s 60 year history delivering performance, passion and value synonymous with the brand's Japanese heritage.

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Colour: Silver

Key features


MQA unfolding

Smooth Loading CD Tray

200 Watts 8Ω

Robust Toroidal Power supplies


The Rotel Diamond 6000 Duo

The Rotel Diamond RA-6000 integrated amplifier, paired with the DT-6000 DAC and CD transport, creates a fantastic audio synergy. The RA-6000 delivers a robust and clean amplification, ensuring a powerful yet nuanced sound. Its sleek design and quality construction make it a standout piece.

Coupled with the DT-6000 DAC and CD transport, you get a seamless digital-to-analogue conversion, bringing out the best in your audio files. The DAC's precision enhances the clarity of your music, while the CD transport ensures a reliable source for your discs. Together, they form a harmonious duo, offering audiophiles a rich and immersive listening experience.

RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier

The RA-6000 supports a wide array of modern and legacy analogue and digital sources delivering 350 watts of Class AB power into 4 ohms with exceptional acoustic detail and controlled rich, deep bass energy.

DT-6000 DAC & CD Player

The DT-6000 supports Coaxial, Optical and PC-USB inputs as well as an integrated CD Player for the ultimate flexibility playing your favourite sources rendering digital audio with dynamic precision and authentic accuracy.

Put together, Rotel’s Diamond Series duo becomes an insightful, dynamic music system that will excite and delight.

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