Voodoo Chile Hi-fi System

Voodoo Chile is straight-up audio witchcraft, brewing together true timber veneers with traditional design features and the latest audio technology. Small in stature, large in sound and style, the warmth and sparkle of Denton combines with the forward detail of Stereo 130 to deliver a mystical listening experience.

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Colour: Walnut

Key features

Complete Hi-Fi System

Retro Design

78, 45 & 33" Compatible

Real wood veneer

Multiple 5-star reviews


The Voodoo Chile Hi-fi System

With true timber veneers in matching walnut finishes, textured speaker grills in cloth finishes, and classic rotary jog dials, Voodoo Chile will have you – and everyone you show it to – under its spell. And that’s well before you’ve even dropped the needle on your favourite record.

Dual CS 418 Turntable

Return to the heart of music with breath-taking 2M Red musicality, effortless multi-speed play, and the convenience of an inbuilt phono preamplifier. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome back to life at 33 ⅓

With a classic rubber matt atop an anodised silver platter spinning over black vinyl veneer, CS 418 is a 70s-style turntable dripping in music tradition. Because the table you play should be worthy of the collection you worship.

Dual’s remarkable three-speed turntable beautifully compliments Wharfedale’s devilish Denton loudspeakers and the powerful Stereo 130 amplifier – both audibly and visually.

Leak Stereo 130 Integrated Amplifier

With both digital and analogue inputs (beyond the internal phono for turntables) Tambourine Man is a definitive vinyl record experience, yes. But it’s also equipped to be the foundation of a much larger music system should you decide to build one. CDs, music streamers, home theatre and so much more. There are no limits to the Tambourine Man, only a lifetime of incredible listening experiences.

Wharfedale Denton Bookshelf Speakers

With surprising bass depth and incredible midrange sparkle, not only does Denton deliver room-filling audio from its modest bookshelf stature, but its true timber veneer also gives it style in spades.

Denton is bang-up to date with woven Kevlar cones, computer aided crossovers, the latest driver technology, and a multi-layer cabinet construction. So, while it looks vintage, Denton sounds anything but.

Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

The Ortofon 2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth. It is an excellent starting point for this Hi-Fi system. And later on, you can take the next step up to the 2M Blue stylus, which fits perfectly on your existing 2M Red Cartridge body.

Going to a 2M Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details in your music.

With that smooth treble, a full-bodied midrange and rich bass the Wharfedale Denton's features combine to deliver an easy-going sound that remains undemanding to listen to.

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