Spotify Connect Compatible Products

Spotify Connect is your ticket to wireless music bliss. It lets you stream your favourite tunes through various devices – be it speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, or voice-controlled smart speakers – all over Wi-Fi. No more wrestling with Bluetooth pairings every time you want to get your groove on throughout the house. The beauty? It doesn't hog your smartphone for streaming; it plays directly from Spotify's servers to the device, leaving your phone free for everything else. The cherry on top is the stellar sound quality at around 320kbps, making Spotify Connect a game-changer for music enthusiasts.

How does Spotify Connect work? What products support it?

Picture Spotify Connect as the maestro orchestrating a Wi-Fi symphony. It scouts compatible devices on the same Wi-Fi network and effortlessly links them for seamless music streaming. To join this musical experience, grab a device with the Spotify app (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). Some devices may require a Spotify Premium subscription, but many, like the PlayStation 5, happily groove with Spotify Free. The product lineup is extensive, spanning smart speakers, music streamers, hi-fi components, wireless speakers, smart TVs, wearables, and even car audio systems. Spotify Connect has become the must-have feature in the audio world, and it's so ubiquitous that it's often the star of a streaming-capable product's feature list.

How to set up Spotify Connect

Setting up Spotify Connect is as easy as tuning your radio. Ensure your control device and chosen products are on the same Wi-Fi network. Launch Spotify, pick a song, tap on the 'Now Playing' bar, hit the device logo, select your gear, and voilà – the music starts flowing. Spotify Connect's simplicity shines on desktop too; click 'Connect to a device,' pick your gear, and let the beats roll. Plus, with Spotify Connect, switching between devices is a breeze, ensuring your music journey stays smooth without missing a beat. So, get ready to play DJ with your smartphone or computer as the ultimate remote control!

Check out our collection of products that work with Spotify Connect below.


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Sonos One SL Two Room PackSonos One SL Two Room Pack
Sonos One SL Two Room Pack
Sale price$579.00 Regular price$638.00
Save 9%
SONOS One (Gen 2) Two Room PackSonos One Gen 2 Two Room Pack
Sonos One Gen 2 Two Room Pack
Sale price$634.00 Regular price$698.00
Save 9%
SONOS One (Gen 2)Sonos One Gen 2
Sonos One Gen 2
Sale price$319.00 Regular price$349.00
Save 9%
Sonos One SL Wireless SpeakerSonos One SL Wireless Speaker
Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker
Sale price$289.00 Regular price$319.00
PairOn sale
Sonos Outdoor PackSonos Outdoor Pack
Sonos Outdoor Pack
Sale priceFrom $2,095.00 Regular price$2,498.00
Save 11%
Sonos Amp Multiroom Streaming AmplifierSonos Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier
Sonos Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier
Sale price$980.00 Regular price$1,099.00
Save 14%
SONOS Move | Battery Powered Wifi + Bluetooth SpeakerSonos Move Portable Speaker
Sonos Move Portable Speaker
Sale price$598.00 Regular price$699.00
Save 10%
SONOS SUB Gen 3 Premium Wireless SubwooferSonos Sub Gen 3 Premium Wireless Subwoofer
Sonos Sub Gen 3 Premium Wireless Subwoofer
Sale price$1,169.00 Regular price$1,299.00
On sale
Sonos Arc Premium Wireless SoundbarSonos Arc Premium Wireless Soundbar
Sonos Arc Premium Wireless Soundbar
Sale priceFrom $1,349.00 Regular price$1,499.00
Save 10%
Sonos Port Wireless StreamerSonos Port Wireless Streamer
Sonos Port Wireless Streamer
Sale price$629.00 Regular price$699.00
Save 10%
Sonos Five Gen 3 Wireless SpeakerSonos Five Gen 3 Wireless Speaker
Sonos Five Gen 3 Wireless Speaker
Sale price$809.00 Regular price$899.00
EISA Award winnerSave 18%
KEF LS60 Wireless | Active Floorstanding SpeakersKEF LS60 Wireless | Active Floorstanding Speakers
KEF LS60 Wireless | Active Floorstanding Speakers
Sale price$9,000.00 Regular price$11,000.00
Save 8%
Sonos Beam (Gen 2)Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar
Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar
Sale price$739.00 Regular price$799.00
BlueSound POWERNODE Wireless Network AmplifierBlueSound Powernode Streaming Amplifier
BlueSound Powernode Streaming Amplifier
Sale price$1,649.00
Save 9%
Sonos Indoor-Outdoor PackSonos Indoor-Outdoor Pack
Sonos Indoor-Outdoor Pack
Sale price$1,046.00 Regular price$1,148.00
Save 10%
Audiolab 6000A Play Streaming AmplifierAudiolab 6000A Play Streaming Amplifier
Audiolab 6000A Play Streaming Amplifier
Sale price$1,890.00 Regular price$2,099.99
Save 9%
SONOS Surround Set with BeamSONOS Surround Set with Beam
Sonos Surround Pack with Beam
Sale price$1,309.00 Regular price$1,437.00
Save 9%
Sonos Five Two Room Pro PackSonos Five Hi-fi Pack
Sonos Five Hi-fi Pack
Sale price$1,638.00 Regular price$1,798.00
Marantz PM7000N Streaming AmplifierMarantz PM7000N Integrated Amplifier
Marantz PM7000N Streaming Amplifier
Sale price$2,000.00
Save 9%
Sonos Immersive Pack with BeamSonos Immersive Pack with Beam
Sonos Immersive Pack with Beam
Sale price$2,498.00 Regular price$2,736.00
Save 9%
SONOS Entertainment Pack with ArcSonos Entertainment Pack with Arc
Sonos Entertainment Pack with Arc
Sale price$2,538.00 Regular price$2,798.00
Save 9%
SONOS Immersive Pack with ArcSonos Immersive Pack with Arc
Sonos Immersive Pack with Arc
Sale price$3,118.00 Regular price$3,436.00
Hegel H190 Integrated AmplifierHegel H190 Integrated Amplifier
Hegel H190 Integrated Amplifier
Sale price$4,995.00 Regular price$5,995.00
EISA Award winnerSave 4%
KEF LSX 2 Powered / Active Speakers #colour_lava red#colour_lava red
KEF LSX II Powered / Active Speakers
Sale price$2,210.00 Regular price$2,300.00