Silver Moon Hi-fi System

The Roksan Attessa & Monitor Audio Silver 7G series blend performance, clarity & air for a heavenly match. Its complexity & simplicity, along with an 80s retro-future look, offer music lovers an ideal system.

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Colour: Black Oak
Component Colour: Black
Optional Player Upgrade: None

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Complete Hi-fi System

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Headphone amp

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The Silver Moon Hi-fi System

The combination of Roksan Attessa & Monitor Audio Silver 7G series of products are an absolute match made-in-heaven. It's one that oozes performance, clarity & air.

The pairing has been designed to combine all the wonderfully complex sound of a class-leading hi-fi system, with the simplicity most listeners crave and a distinctive aesthetic that we can only describe as "80s retro-future". Through this powerful combination, Roksan & Monitor Audio have created an ecosystem that we think will please any music lover.

Silver 300 7G Speakers

The Silver 300 7G speakers incorporate some of our most advanced engineering yet, for sound that will leave you speechless. Much of the technology at play is hidden, but there’s still plenty to feast your eyes on. New grilles, driver trims and feet give an even more refined look, only accentuated by five different choices of wood veneer, including Natural Walnut, Ash, Black Oak, Satin White and High Gloss Black.

Attessa Integrated Amplifier

Get the most from your speakers with this powerful amplifier from the Roksan audio experts. The simple, intuitive dial control lets you choose your device, volume or pre-set station with nothing more than a turn of your wrist. With so many inputs to choose from, you can connect with your Hi-Fi, TV, games console, phone and more. What’s more, setting it up is easy, thanks to the MaestroUnite app which combines your devices and allows quick, simple over-the-air updates. Thanks to a built-in phono stage, you can also eliminate the need for extra boxes and accessories when connecting a turntable. The result? A Hi-Fi experience that’s a lot more human.

Attessa Turntable

(Optional Upgrade)

The Attessa turntable is our newest spin on one of the oldest Hi-Fi technologies. The Unipivot tonearm is lighter and simpler to use, thanks to a composite construction and glass jewel pivot. With turntable speed controlled down to the microsecond by smart new technology, playback is true to the original. Switchable phono stage lets you plug and play, whatever kit you have, while the isolated plinth design and decoupled feet protect against unwanted vibrations. All in a compact footprint that fits seamlessly with the rest of the Attessa range.

Attessa Streaming Amplifier

(Optional upgrade)

All the power of our integrated amplifier, with all the control of BluOS multi-room audio technology. The Attessa Streaming Amplifier gives you easy, one-touch access to all your devices, from TVs to turntables, from consoles to CD transports. Best of all, it gives you high-end audio capability with the kind of simple, smartphone-based control that we’ve come to expect in every area of our lives. The technology is complex, but using it couldn’t be simpler. So now, you can have hi-res audio in every room of your house – all at the touch of a button.

What you get is a snappy, punchy, yet warm-natured sound that makes music effortlessly enjoyable. This, coupled with the brilliant BluOS streaming tech, makes for a wonderful way to enjoy your online music library and offers surprisingly good vinyl replay.

John Pickford

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