The stylus, or the needle of the record player, is probably one of the most important parts of a record player - that’s because if it wasn’t for it and the way it reads the vinyl, there would be no sound coming out of your device’s speakers. 

However, incidents happen, and just like all material things, record players’ needles can break. This is why you should consider having a replacement stylus stored somewhere in your home for such unexpected situations - after all, who wants to wait to hear their favourite songs play, even if it’s just a few days? Probably not many people. 

Above, you will find a variety of Ortofon styluses which fit a wide range of record players. Ortofon has over a decade of experience in manufacturing phono cartridges, so you can be sure that the products coming from this company are of superb quality. Additionally, aside from the needle itself, you can also purchase a device that will measure the stylus’s pressure (you can find a regular one and a digital one), as well as a cleaning brush and cleaning fluids so that you can take good care of your Ortofon stylus. 

And remember - if you have any questions, whether they are about an Ortofon stylus that piqued your interest or another product from our offer, you can always get in touch with us - one of our team members will assist you in ensuring you make the right choice.