Established in the Netherlands by Dutch high-end distributor, Herman van den Dungen, Primaluna's driving mission from day one has been to create tube amplifiers that are entirely unique and category-defining.

Primaluna are famous for pioneering tube amp technologies that set them apart from other brands - including proprietary output transformers, custom toroidal power transformers, triode/ultra-linear switching and 'Adaptive Autobias' to increase reliability, tube life, performance and sound quality like never been seen before. 

After 3 years of development and perfecting each and every component - Primaluna first launched with its now-famous range of ProLogue pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers. These were met with outstanding praise across the industry and redefined what a tube amplifier should be.

In more recent times Primaluna has launched its hugely anticipated EVO range of pre-amplifiers and integrated valve amplifiers, and in no surprise, has been met with much excitement and critical acclaim from hi-fi enthusiasts, reviewers and the audio industry as a whole.

Primaluna looks to bring something truly unique to the hi-fi enthusiast, aiming to completely over-deliver with every product and leave the purchaser marvelling at what they have just purchased.

If this is the Primaluna measure of success, then they've definitely achieved their goal. They've received countless 5-star reviews across their entire range from some of the audio industries most recognised sources (read them here) - this one from Herb Reichert at Stereophile Magazine is a great summary of what you can expect:

“I’ve listened to the PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium preamplifier at great length and carefully studied its construction. I’ve installed the review sample in my system many times and removed it just as often—it’s been banged about. So I can say, without doubt, that it’s built to last and is musically effective. Its combination of beguiling transparency and dynamic authority reproduces complex music and recordings with ease and élan. In even a very expensive system, it will not set limits on musical enjoyment. As I concluded my review of PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Premium power amp: Class A sound at a Class C price.”


When you buy Primaluna from us here at Living Entertainment North Coast, you are purchasing a truly special piece of equipment that is redefining what tube amplification can be. PrimaLuna will leave you in awe of its design, build quality and signature sound for countless years to come.

You can buy the full range of Primaluna amplifiers and tubes direct from us here in our online store, or if you'd prefer to contact us first, click the email address in the footer or call us for a chat!