A typical home theatre comprises several pieces of electronic equipment that each serves its own specific purpose. That means you might end up with a massive bundle of untidy cords and wire cluttering your treasured entertainment room.

A standard approach to this situation involves laborious cable management. However, with the rise of technology, we now can go for a wireless home theatre setup. 

Going Wireless

The modern home theatre system has evolved considerably in the past few years. Thanks to that, you now have the capability of going completely wireless without compromising the audio quality of your entertainment centrepiece. 

This is perfect for people who don't like rolls of wires tucked in walls and floors. On top of that, it minimises any potential trip hazards.

Living Entertainment North Coast's massive collection of quality wireless home theatre equipment is the perfect solution to this kind of issue. This wireless setup is not only suitable for movies and music, but you can go all out with your gaming as well. 

All selections come with modern innovation that enhances your home cinematic experience. The surround packs, such as the SONOS BEAM and the AUDIO PRO A36, have gone a long way in providing reliable crystal clear sound without any physical connectors. 

A wireless system also provides you with a broader range and flexibility in design. Thanks to the less-clutter approach of a cordless system, you can easily incorporate it into the interior design of any home. 

Choose from the comprehensive Living Entertainment North Coast collection of wireless home theatre systems that offers the hottest technologies in the world of entertainment. Take advantage of our competitive prices without worrying about the quality

Wireless Home Theatre