Dust is your records worst enemy. It is drawn to the static-laden vinyl like a magnet every time you draw your record from it's sleeve. Lucky, we have a fix for that!

Check out our selection of record & stylus cleaning tools. There are quite a few scenarios in which the Spin-Clean Record Washer System could come in handy for you.

Scenario 1: Your roommates decide to throw a house party while you are overseas on holiday. You find out about it via Instagram. You eventually return home from your trip to find that some un-identified sticky residue is on your favourite piece of vinyl. It has affected the playback of the last 3/4 of “To the last” by James Blake. You move into a studio apartment and you buy a Spin-Clean.

Scenario 2: You just inherited a bunch of vinyl from your uncle Colin. He tells you a long winded story about how he saved all the records by putting them on the high shelf of the garage during the great flood of ‘96. You go home and excitedly opt for an original pressing of Sgt Pepper’s as your first choice to play, but when you pull it out of the sleeve you discover it’s mouldy. You hop online, read a million reviews and you ‘add to cart’ a Pro-Ject VC-S2 record cleaner.

Scenario 3: It’s your first time in a Salvation Army store, or “Salvos”. You want to impress your hipster friend who dragged you there, so you confidently make a bee-line for the “Danielle Steel” section of the store. You get distracted along the way by the most hipster thing your money could buy. An LP of Fleetwood Mac’s - Rumours. You buy it but it’s dusty and sounds like trash on your friends turntable. She does what any good friend would do and whips out her Vinyl Clean Groove Grit Remover.

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