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Silver 100 HiFi Pack

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Seriously Good Sound, Seriously Good Value!

Monitor Audio really hit it out of the park with the Silver 100's, they are unique in the fact they have an 8inch woofer squeezed into a modestly sized cabinet. The result is a punchy sound that is best described as addictive in all the right ways.

Feeling inspired we played around with combinations "as always" until we found the perfect balance between price and performance. In the end, we paired the 100's up to the Rotel A12 Integrated Amplifier with its renowned toroidal power supply offering class-leading bass control to keep a firm grip on the 100's 8inch woofer and the all-new Pro-Ject X1 Turntable with the smooth sounding Ortofon Blue cartridge to create a balanced system that allowed the bass to flow, vocals to soar and symbals to ring without any harshness.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you find a combination that offers a sound quality that goes beyond what the price tag suggests- this is such an instance.

Items included in this pack:

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Bookshelf Speakers:

The Silver 100 is a serious audiophile speaker capable of producing remarkable resolution, from the most intricate musical scores to the loudest rock concert, with superlative ease.

High output and effortless dynamics make the Silver 100 an ideal choice for medium to large rooms in two-channel stereo or multi-channel application.

Silver 100 features a massively powerful 8-inch C-CAM RST bass/mid driver rigidly fixed into a relatively compact two-way cabinet in a configuration that while relatively traditional by modern standards has a lot to offer. There is no real substitute for big drivers and their relative ease of moving air efficiently. Thus, they can deliver incredible dynamic headroom and bass extension, a feature normally reserved for floor-standing speakers.

A two-way, ported design, the Silver 100 relies on a new, 25 mm C-CAM tweeter made from the brand’s proprietary Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium, and featuring a vented Neo magnet system, to create the cleanest possible highs. The HF unit is coupled with a specially-designed 8-inch bass/mid driver featuring a concave ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for incredible levels of damping and improved mid-range clarity. You’ll certainly hear the difference with Silver.

Rotel A12 Integrated Amplifier:

The A12 integrated amplifier displays clean lines and intuitive operation with output power rated at 60 Watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms. Rotel engineers begin their quest for uncompromising audio performance at the power supply. This is the heart of an amplifier and an area where considerable time and investment is spent.

Rotel manufactures its own toroidal transformers in-house to high tolerances using raw materials selected from proven, trusted suppliers. The result is a rugged power supply that won’t easily distort the music under dynamic conditions or with difficult speaker loads. With myriad inputs and a digital section designed around the luscious Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter, this amplifier offers all of the features you need in an amplifier and none of those you don’t.

Pro-Ject X1 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue

Real High-End Features - True Audiophile Sound - Affordable Price!

Pro-Ject‘s classic turntable design reimagined and lifted to new price/ performance heights!

In 1991 Pro-Ject started a revolution in HiFi with the introduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable. A new high-end, low budget turntable at a time when CD was king. Against all odds, we were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was only down to three critical philosophies:

– Simple yet technically correct design
– High-quality valuable materials
– Fully handcrafted, expert engineers, made in the EU

There are no fancy, unnecessary features; it was a strictly manual turntable design and all of these decisions resulted in unbelievable sound at a fantastic price. The X1 is based on the same concept as the P1, but improved in every aspect thanks to modern materials and new production methods.

Better Chassis:
Heavier, denser, less resonating, new MDF material
Better Platter:
Non-resonating, heavier Acryl platter
Better Motor Isolation:
New motor suspension for better decoupling of the motor vibrations to tonearm and chassis
Better Tonearm:
Super stiff, perfectly damped Carbon/Alu sandwich construction
Better Counterweight:
New Anti-resonant counterweight with TPE damper to reduce cartridge-tonearm resonance
Better Motor Speed Control and Electronic Speed Change:
A sophisticated DC/AC generator board generates clean and stable power to drive the motor
Better Feet:
Height adjustable, isolating Alu/TPE sandwich feet
Better audiophile features:
Aluminium Tonearm Base with Azimuth and VTA adjustment
Stiff one-piece tonearm without a vibration causing detachable headshell
Better Cable.