Ortofon 2M Bronze Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Listening to your records with the 2M Bronze is like hearing them for the first time, and you get to fall in love with the songs all over again.

That is what hi-fi means to us, and that is what you get with the 2M Bronze.

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Variant: 2M Bronze

Key features

Nude Fine Line

Moving Magnet

1.4 - 1.7 g Tracking Force

Highly-Compatible Design

Multiple 5-star reviews


Ortofon 2M Bronze Moving Magnet Cartridge

The 2M Bronze uses a special engine featuring Ortofon’s very own invention: split pole pins upgraded with a silver-plated copper wire. The body of the 2M Bronze cartridge is the same as the model above, the Ortofon 2M Black.

This means that you can simply upgrade the replacement stylus to the model above if you are looking to level up.

Nude Fine Line Stylus Profile

The 2M Bronze features a Nude Fine Line diamond particularly suited for demanding applications. The slim profile of the Fine Line stylus will track even the highest frequency information.


The 2M Series are available in four different product variant configurations: the 2M for most common turntables on the market.

2M Pre-mounted

The 2M Pre-mounted, for customers who wish direct and easy mounting and replacement on their S-shaped tonearm.

2MR (for Rega)

The 2MR is designed cartridge housing tailored for turntables and tonearms like Rega, matching their requirement for low-form factor cartridges.

2M Verso

The 2M Verso, for bottom mount headshells.

the 2M Bronze is the more satisfying over the long haul, halving the difference between the Black's speed and resolution and the Blue's balance.

Mark Mickelson

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