Pro-Ject Pick It Pro Moving Magnet Cartridge


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Pro-Ject Pick It Pro Moving Magnet Cartridge

Audiophile MM Cartridge

Lively & robust with a high dynamic range

We have always been looking for the best price/performance ratio, with perfect manufacturing quality. For this reason, we decided to work with Ortofon to develop a unique range of cartridges. Thanks to the excellent manufacturing skills of Ortofon we were able to produce a very special cartridge: The Pick it PRO.

Manufacturers Details:

Cartridges are electromechanical transducers, where mechanical energy is transformed into an electrical signal. The real difference in sound happens here. The turntable itself should be as neutral as possible. The colour and life of the music come from the cartridge. We, therefore, designed our new Pick it PRO that delivers a more lively and robust sound and convinces with its wide dynamic range.

Engineered With Care:

The actual sound of the cartridge depends on how you combine the different components that make up the cartridge: stylus, cantilever, cantilever suspension, coil material, number of coil windings, generator, etc... You cannot judge the cartridge by looking at just one specific part. Experience and the art of fine-tuning make a cartridge unique and special. The perfect combination of components is the key to achieve the great charismatic sound of the Pick it PRO. Intensive research, development, and listening tests have been necessary to achieve the sound we were looking for.

    Key Features:

    • Moving Magnet principle
    • High fidelity
    • Very detailed with low distortion
    • Exceptionally lively & robust
    • Convinces with high a dynamic range
    • Simple and fast mounting
    • 1/2 inch mounting standard
    • Threaded holes for simple mounting without nuts
    • New transparent design

    Customer Reviews

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    Laurie H.
    Well priced ulgrade

    I have a Project Debut Esperit turntable and had been using the stock Ortofon cartridge and needle since its purchase. The Projecr Pickit Pro has proven a worthwhile upgrade for the current LENC reduced price. Bass and treble are cleaner and have more depth than the stock cartridge and there is more life to the music.


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