Pro-Ject Turntable Platter Mat Upgrade

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Material: Cork

Pro-Ject Turntable Platter Mats

There has always been a big debate about how mats influence the sound of records. The interaction between the record and the surface can be tracked very easily by the super-sensitivity of a good pickup cartridge. 

Standard felt mats have poor anti-static characteristics, which attracts dust to your precious vinyl. They are often too thin for effective acoustic control of platters, especially those made from metal.

On the other hand, thick rubber mats can Isolate the record from your turntable too much. This makes the record vulnerable to static build-up, and can result in noise and clicks during playback.

Manufacturers Details:

Felt Mat

Treat your vinyl right, and give it a soft place to rest rather than putting your record straight on the platter. 

Using a felt mat will help keep your records sounding fresher for longer, and prevent them from slipping while they spin so you never miss a beat. It's a good idea to update your slip mat every couple of years as it starts to collect dust.

Cork It

With a soft finish and a tactile grip, cork is a great material to rest your records on.

The subtle surface protects your records from wear and tear, while the texture holds your records in place better than a felt mat, meaning your turntable can read the grooves more accurately, and deliver the music as it was intended.

Leather it

A solid upgrade from your standard felt, the Leather It offers a soft, stable support for your records that improves the accuracy and sound of your turntable.


Cork & Rubber It

This blend of cork and rubber utilises cork anti-static abilities whilst offering rubber's outstanding damping properties, making for a noise-free, full-bodied listen.

Get the most from this product as well as heaps of great tips and tricks from our article - '5 Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Turntable' 

Customer Reviews

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Recommended upgrade!

I have only ever used felt mats in the past, be they supplied with the turntable, or the printed mats you buy here and there advertising record stores or bands and the like. I was never happy. I was suffered constantly from static buildup, and often records with small warps would slip when I was trying to brush them. Not to mention the dust those things seem to accumulate.

I gotta say, this cork and rubber affair from Pro-Ject is a game changer. It holds LPs nice and tight to the platter, and the only static I see now is already on the record, and quickly removed. It's clean, and I feel confident giving it a wipe with a dusting rag every so. often to keep it that way.

Personally this upgrade has been a very elcome addition for my setup and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of that limp, grungy felt thing that you currently use!

Cameron R.
Good quality, as described.

Nice leather TT mat. Really cuts down on dust/fibres from felt mat and works well.


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