Pro-Ject X1 B Balanced Turntable


Welcome to a new generation of X-Line turntables.

Pair your X1 B with one of our new balanced Phono Boxes and benefit from a fully balanced signal transmission to your phono preamplifier.

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Colour: Gloss White

Key features

True Balanced Connection

Hand-built in Europe

Acoustically Damped Design

Award-winning Design

33, 45 & 78 RPM


Pro-Ject X1 B Balanced Turntable

The X1 B utilises Pro-Ject's True Balanced connection to deliver music that's defined by incredible clarity and free of noise and distortion. When mounted with a moving coil cartridge and equipped with a 5-pin mini XLR cable, and connected to a Pro-Ject 'True Balanced' phono stage, the X1 B serves up thrillingly pure and precise analogue audio.

Balanced audio connections are widely recognised in professional settings, such as recording studios and live concerts, due to their crucial role in providing stable and interference-free signals for heavily amplified signals. Similarly, when connecting your turntable to the phono preamplifier, it is essential to maintain a noiseless connection. One of the significant benefits of balanced connections is their ability to eliminate noise and interference picked up during signal transmission. Moreover, cartridges are naturally balanced signal transducers, making the True Balanced approach particularly advantageous since it utilises the full potential of the cartridge's signal. In contrast, traditional single-ended RCA phono connections discard half of the signal.

True Balanced Design

Simply upgrade your X1 B to a MC cartridge, connect it with one of our new True Balanced Phono Cables to your phono preamp and benefit from an interference-free signal with increased dynamics & lower noise level.

Azimuth & VTA

The X1 B comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your X1 as you want it.

Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable, the three aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

33/45/78 RPM

A sophisticated DC/AC generator board generates clean and stable power to drive the motor. Easily change speed with the push of only a single button.

1.5kg Acrylic Platter

Resonance free acryl platter. The perfect platform to place your precious vinyl records, guaranteeing absolute reliability in its performance and sonic character.

It's well worth upgrading your front end with the X1 B because the performance on offer here is truly outstanding and for many people, the quietness and dynamics on offer will make most other vinyl front ends sound broken.

Ed Selley

Customer Reviews

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Johannes B.
Great for the price

Great looks in the glossy white finish, easy setup, good ergonomics. I got a different subweight for lighter cartridges and the aluminium subplatter upgrade, which I highly recommend, but otherwise this turntable has completely exceeded my expectations!


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