Wharfedale Diamond 12.C Centre Speaker

The DIAMOND 12.C brings cinema-quality vocal tangibility and depth to the Wharfedale DIAMOND 12 series home theatre system.

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Colour: Light Oak

Key features

1"(25mm) Textile Dome Tweeter

5" advanced PP Cone Driver


Multiple 5-star reviews

Designed by Karl-Heinz Fink


Wharfedale Diamond 12.C Centre Speaker

Designed as the centrepiece and perfect complement for the DIAMOND 12 series standmount (bookshelf) and floorstander models, the DIAMOND 12.C is compact, accurate and powerful.

Using dual 130mm (5”) Klarity drivers for accurate, refined mid-range and bass frequencies, while the 25mm (1”) dome tweeter delivers open and smoothly extended high frequencies opening up detail and depth for movies, sports and music.

Diamond 12 Cabinet Bracing

Clever design means that the cabinet of Diamond 12 series speakers are completely inert.

Collaboration with one of the most successful loudspeaker designers on the planet, Karl-Heinz Fink, has helped produce Wharfedale’s most impressive Diamond series to date.

The Tweeter

Voice coils are wound on high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbins seen only in the most expensive loudspeaker models.

The reduced distortion and increased power handling means you can go loud, real loud, and still enjoy incredible clarity.

The Bass Driver

New drive cones include custom-engineered ribbing combined with a low-damping surround.

This increases cone rigidity and reduces colouration, giving you a more dynamic, more detailed listening experience – one that honours (not colours) your favourite recordings.

Bi-wire & Crossover

Air core inductors, typically found in the most expensive loudspeakers, produce the lowest distortion of all inductor types.

Combined with acoustic LKR 24db crossover topology, it creates incredibly fast, clean bass response. It’s high-end thinking for low-frequency brilliance.

We call it 'Klarity'

A new formulated blend of polypropylene and mica significantly reduce flex to create a rigid, lightweight cone with low colouration and lightning-fast response.

So, your new Diamond’s play harder, handle more power, and perform flawlessly, every time.

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