Hegel H190V Integrated Amplifier


Whether you're a vinyl aficionado, a streaming enthusiast, or simply crave high-fidelity audio, the Hegel H190v Integrated Amplifier is designed to exceed your expectations, delivering an immersive and exceptional listening experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Colour: Black

Key features

UPnP Streaming

Roon Ready

Spotify Connect

Apple Airplay

MM Phono


Hegel H190V Integrated Amplifier

Introducing the Hegel H190v Integrated Amplifier, a masterpiece that blends power, refinement, and versatility to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

Boasting a formidable 150W class AB power output, a damping factor of 4000, and a large toroidal transformer, this amplifier ensures precise and controlled sound reproduction.

Unmatched Power and Precision

The H190v boasts a powerful 150W class AB power output, providing ample power to drive even the most demanding speakers.

The high damping factor of 4000 ensures tight control over the speakers, resulting in accurate and precise sound reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Additionally, the large toroidal transformer ensures clean and stable power delivery, minimising distortion and ensuring that every detail of the music is faithfully reproduced.

Elegant Design, Exceptional Performance

Hegel has crafted the H190v with both form and function in mind. The solid steel chassis provides a robust foundation for the amplifier, while the thick aluminium front panel adds a touch of elegance to its design.

The amplifier is available in both black and white finishes, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with any home decor. Despite its minimalist appearance, the H190v is packed with advanced features that elevate its performance to new heights, making it a standout choice for discerning audiophiles.

Revive Your Vinyl Collection

Vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the H190v's built-in phono preamplifier, which is specifically designed for MM cartridges.

This high-quality preamplifier delivers a detailed and dynamic sound that breathes new life into your vinyl collection. Whether you're rediscovering old favourites or exploring new releases, the H190v's phono stage ensures that every note is reproduced with clarity and precision.

Personalised Listening Experience

The H190v caters to your personal listening preferences with its 6.3mm headphone output and support for streaming options like AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and Roon Ready.

Whether you prefer to listen through headphones or stream music wirelessly from your favourite devices, the H190v offers a seamless and immersive listening experience that puts you in control of your music.

Seamless Integration, Easy Control

The H190v is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home audio setup, offering customisable volume limits, remote control compatibility with common TV remotes, and IP control for smart home integration.

Whether you're using the amplifier as part of a larger home theatre system or simply as a standalone audio solution, the H190v makes it easy to control and enjoy your music with minimal fuss.

I’ll say it right up front: the Hegel H190v delivers an impressively great level of sound quality. I don’t mean for the money; I mean just plain great.

Tom Martin

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