Epson EH-LS300B Ultra Short Throw Home Theatre Projector

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Epson EH-LS300B Ultra Short Throw Home Theatre Projector

3LCD Technology

All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability. 3LCD’s 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour – red, green and blue, continuously. Unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, you get full-time colour. The result is vibrant, realistic images and video all delivered with 3LCD’s true-to-life colour.

Up to 3x brighter colours with Epson projectors

Epson projectors use 3LCD engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don't force a trade-off between white and colour brightness.

In fact, Epson projectors have up to 3x brighter colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors. If you are looking for business and education projectors or 1080p home entertainment projectors, know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours.

All Epson projectors list both white brightness and colour brightness specifications, and all have high colour brightness.

Viewing for any environment

Powered by 3LCD technology and Epson’s laser optical engine, the EH-LS300B is capable of producing white light and colour light output of 3,600 lumens in native 1080p high definition resolution, delivering bright images perfect for everyday entertainment and beyond.

Laser light source

Experience astonishing quality and reliability with Epson’s new laser light source. The newly designed laser light source and advanced electrostatic filter deliver 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use, and consistent performance for total peace of mind.

4K input supported with dedicated HDR processor

The EpiqVision EH-LS300B can receive a 4K input signal up to 4K/60Hz 4:2:0. Epson’s full 10-bit HDR colour processing accepts 100% of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an exceptional visual performance.

Up to 120" image size

With Epson EH-LS300B’s unique ultra short-throw lens, a bright and vivid display image up to 120 inches will appear by simply putting the projector less than 40cm away from the wall. This immersive display is the perfect alternative to traditional LCD and OLED TVs.

Deep black contrast ratio

Enjoy bright, vibrant pictures and excellent shadow detail of your favourite movies with 2,500,000:1 deep black contrast ratio on the EH-LS300B. Bring out mesmerising dark scenes of full high definition images to brilliant viewing experience.

Detail enhancement

Fine tune high definition images by turning on the detail enhancement feature which sharpens and refines images for lifelike clarity.

Screen-less experience

Transform your wall with life-size images instantly with the EH-LS300B. Place the projector just a half meter from the wall and get sharp, full HD resolution up to 120 inches – with no long cables, no shadows, and no glare – for a modern entertainment solution that won’t detract from your decoration.

Easy on eyes

Clear images can be seen from any angle with no limitations of reflective glare. Projected images also allow you to get closer to the image without straining your eyes. Host a large number of guests to watch games or sports without repositioning furniture around to clear the viewing range. Unlike traditional TVs, projectors do not display light directly into the viewers’ eyes. Instead, light is displayed onto the wall first, and then viewed by the human eye, allowing for less strain that can often come from extended ‘screen time’.

Transcendent viewing experience

Combine the Epson EpiqVision laser projection TV with an ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen to produce vivid colours and deep blacks in virtually any viewing environment. Become fully immersed in the entertainment with exceptionally bright, sharp and colourful content at any time, day or night.

A complete solution

The ambient light rejection (ALR) screen enhances the image quality in bright environments by maximising projection light and cutting out any other type of light.

Sound by Yamaha

Epson has partnered with Yamaha to create a unique audio experience unlike anything in its class. Developed exclusively for the Epson EpiqVision LS300B, Yamaha’s leading Acoustic Engineers designed a unique 2.1 sound system to deliver a true audiophile performance.

Designed within a custom 3D acoustic enclosure, two high-end Yamaha drivers and a dedicated woofer are powered by a discrete amplifier and tuned using Yamaha’s latest AudioEngine™ DSP technology to produce an impressive, deep and wide sound stage that rivals dedicated high-end audio systems and soundbars.

Versatile connectivity

Explore more connectivity options with optical out and HDMI ARC for external audio solutions or even Bluetooth audio to connect your own device to the projector speakers.

You can even turn the projected image off while using Sound by Yamaha so it can be all about the music. Any external cables can be hidden around the back of the unit, and as it is so close to the wall, there will be no long or messy cable connections.

Smart media player for heightened entertainment

Select from over 7,000 content apps including pre-installed apps so you can stream your favourite series, live sporting events, or simply watch the latest blockbuster movie with the EpiqVision EH-LS300B Epson laser projection TV.

Voice control

Access your favourite shows or content on the EH-LS300B, operating with one remote that includes voice control.

Chromecast built-in

Cast your favourite entertainment apps – movies, TV shows, music, games, sports and more – from your Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows computer for flexible viewing with simple set-up.

More than just entertainment

The EpiqVision EH-LS300B supports applications for those who work from home, further broadening its use. Exclusively featuring Epson’s Online Meetings app, Powered by Zoom, you can connect with colleagues and have meetings on a 100” or 120” inch screen for engaging face-to-face meetings by simply attaching a video conference camera.

Simple set-up

The EH-LS300B has no need for any complex cable management, just place the unit in front of the wall, plug in the power supply, and enjoy. Corner adjustment with 8-point arc correction can also be used to correct curved surfaces, ensuring you get the best quality image without the extra effort.

Family friendly

The EH-LS300B is entertainment to be enjoyed by the whole family. A motion sensor is included in the LS300B so that the laser light source automatically turns off when someone comes close to the projector, meaning you can relax and enjoy your favourite content without the worry.

Having the projector close to the wall also ensures that any external cables can be tucked away from being a potential trip hazard.

Stylish design

The EH-LS300B is designed to easily harmonise and fit your living space and modern interior. With the design inspired by a minimalist shape, and charcoal black colour, the trendy look and feel of the EH-LS300B blends naturally into a variety of living spaces. 

Key Features and Warranty: 

  • 1080p high definition – for full HD movies, games and more
  • Up to 3x brighter colours and reliable performance – 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Break through laser technology – provides up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance free operation, with the added benefits of higher image contrast and instant ON/OFF
  • Immersive entertainment – project up to 120" on virtually any wall or screen for a stunning viewing experience
  • Bright images – 3,600 lumens colours brightness and 3,600 lumens white brightness
  • Sound from Yamaha – be captivated with surround sound of up to 20W with Yamaha speakers
  • Deep black contrast ratio – features an extraordinary contrast ratio up to 2,500,000:1, for exceptionally deep blacks and brilliant, vivid colours
  • Detail enhancement – sharpen and refine images for lifelike clarity
  • Transcendent viewing experience – enjoy a full life-sized high definition display just 40cm from the wall with Epson’s ultra short throw technology
  • Smart TV – a Smart Media Player (SMP) is included so you can watch your favourite content from apps with a simple-to-use remote that features voice search
  • Chromecast supported – photos, music, sports and other content apps can be casted from your smartphone or PC to the big screen
  • Simple set-up – 8-point arc correction for easy adjustments and no extra cabling required for content
  • Flexible use – watch movies with the built-in SMP, listen to music through Yamaha speakers, or even work from home with Epson Online meetings powered by zoom
  • Versatile connectivity – 4K signal input support, 2 HDMI input terminals and support for optical output, HDMI ARC and Bluetooth audio output
  • Screen bundle – Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen options of 100-inch or 120-inch screen are available for a high quality display in bright environments
  • 3 year projector warranty – enjoy peace of mind with a 3 year warranty. 

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