Home Cinema Projectors can take your exciting thrillers, riveting documentaries, touching romances and sporting events to the next level - providing crisp imagery and amazing colour to give a larger-than-life experience you just can't get from a regular TV. 

As with all technology, not all projectors are created equal and as with everything we supply at Living Entertainment, it needs to be class-leading equipment - which is exactly why we proudly stock the Optoma projector range.

Optoma has set a new standard for Home Cinema Projectors, featuring top of the range LED technology that delivers impeccable 4K UHD image quality and colour accuracy like nothing else can.

Highly compact, lightweight and portable with numerous installation and connectivity options as well as powerfully quick start-up and shut-down times, Optoma projectors are quick and easy to set up and pack away.  

Engineered for discerning viewers and media lovers, Optoma has a projector to fit all budgets and room sizes - meaning no matter how you picture your home theatre design, there's an option available for everyone.


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