KEF LS60 Wireless | Active Floorstanding Speakers

EISA Award winner

The KEF LS60 Loudspeakers feature the Uni-Q driver array, a hallmark of KEF's innovation, which positions the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the midrange cone. This technology results in exceptionally precise sound imaging and a coherent, wide soundstage that's rare in speakers of this size.

The LS60's dual-woofer design, with one active and one passive radiator, ensures robust bass performance and overall audio balance.

Sale price$9,100.00

Colour: Carbon Black

KEF LS60 Wireless - Wireless Speaker System

The multi-award-winning LS50 Wireless speaker system had already set the bar high for performance wireless speakers, now the hotly anticipated LS60 floorstanding edition is here!

For the LS60 Wireless, KEF’s engineers have seamlessly combined elements of the iconic Blade’s Single Apparent Source technology, a specially designed 12th Generation Uni-Q driver array, the revolutionary Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MATTM), Uni-Core bass drivers and much more besides. The final pieces of the jigsaw are the forward-thinking W2 wireless platform and a wide range of wired inputs, ensuring LS60 Wireless can play all major music services and supports all major audio sources.

The combination of all KEF’s key technologies delivers superlative acoustic performance and allows LS60 Wireless to be incredibly slim with highly distinctive look. The ultra slim profile of the speakers makes room placement easier for different spaces within people’s homes.

An award winner

"KEF is onto a winner with the new LS60 Wireless. It's a very powerful premium active speaker system capable of both thunderous dynamic swings and subtle microdynamics. Instrumental timbre is portrayed naturally and convincingly, and tonal balance is extremely accurate. However, this isn't the 'warts 'n' all' accuracy of studio monitors, as the LS60 is too refined to be brutally honest. No, this is accuracy done right, giving you the musical picture pretty much without compromise and in an entirely enjoyable way. With all this innovation and musicality packed into two sleek and stylish speakers, who needs to be wired for sound?"

Summary of features

• Plays all major music services and supports all major audio formats
• Wireless both from source and between the speakers
• Comprehensive connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, Optical, Coaxial, RCA
• Personalised listening experience via KEF Connect app
• Single Apparent Source technology for coherent, immersive sound
• 12th Generation Uni-Q with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MATTM) for exceptional acoustic accuracy
• 4 x 5.25" Uni-Core force-cancelling drivers to maximise bass performance
• Music Integrity Engine for rich, full-bodied sound
• PCM up to 24bit/384kHz, DSD and MQA
• System power of 1400W with dedicated amplifiers for HF, MF and LF
• Design by Michael Young and KEF Product Design team
• Available in 3 finishes: Titanium Grey, Mineral White and Royal Blue


Play anything.

Hear everything.LS60 Wireless utilises the class-leading W2 wireless platform KEF introduced on the award-winning LS50 Wireless II. Delivering robust, high-quality streaming using any format you can imagine, the W2 platform provides the choice, connectivity and control that is the bedrock of un-rivalled user experience.

No matter how you stream your music, LS60 Wireless has you covered with out-of-the-box wireless compatibility with Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth. Using the KEF Connect app you can stream Amazon Music, Qobuz, and Deezer or tune in to internet radio and podcasts. You can use native apps to stream directly from Spotify Connect, Tidal and QPlay, and it is Roon Ready. LS60 Wireless
also supports the streaming of PCM files up to 24bit/384kHz, as well as MQA decoding and DSD.

The connection options don’t stop there, LS60 Wireless also supports all your wired sources whether you love to listen to vinyl records on your turntable or want to get the best possible sound from your CD player and games console. There’s also an HDMI (eARC) connection for a high-quality link up with your TV, and a dedicated output on each of the two speakers for the addition of one or two KEF subwoofers.



Effortless control

The KEF Connect app walks you through the set-up and features intuitive sound settings so you can fine-tune LS60 Wireless to best suit your room; there are normal and expert modes so you can get the best performance regardless of your knowledge of acoustics. The app first lets you effortlessly connect the LS60 Wireless to your home network, before providing control over every aspect of the performance.



Impossibly slim. Made possible.

The LS60 Wireless’ extremely slim design is only possible because of the advanced technologies contained within the sleek cabinet. The product of a joint design by renowned designer Michael Young and the KEF product design team, LS60 Wireless is an exceptionally elegant loudspeaker that can fit effortlessly into a wider range of living spaces, both because of its looks and thanks to a broader range of placement

KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Spaekers

Finally, LS60 Wireless is available in three elegant matte finishes: Titanium Grey, Mineral White and Royal Blue. This colour scheme is designed to fulfil two types of approach to interior design. Titanium Grey and Mineral white are made to be integrated and blended into various spaces while Royal Blue, a more striking finish, is perfect for people who are determined to make a statement. All of the finishes feature tone-matched drive units and detailing to round off a truly exceptional loudspeaker.

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Zhirong X.
great product and service

great product and service. good communication and efficient process.


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