The Sonos system was a breakthrough when it came to creating a truly wireless and ranged audio system. It changed the frustration associated with tangled cables with a wireless network connection. Moreover, the speakers could be connected from different locations in a house. Sonos has brought music lovers innovation and convenience, alongside excellent sound quality.


If you have any Sonos products and are now looking for accessories - this section is for you. 

Since Sonos speakers can be used at a distance, you can place them in different rooms and connect through a secure network. Whether you are looking for a stand-out speaker or a matching bedside sound system, you'll find what you need here. These accessories will ensure that your sound system is integrated seamlessly into your home.

Here you can find various floor stands and wall mounts for Sonos editions like Sonos One, One SL, Play 1, Play 3, Sonos Beam, etc. If you have no place for an amplifier, mount it on the wall or a shelf with an accessory from one of the listed companies. If your TV lacks an optical output, you can find adaptors and RCA cables. Everything comes at an affordable price and with a full Australian warranty.

A smart home design is easy to achieve with high-end accessories that are aimed to save space and safely place Sonos speakers whenever you please to enjoy music all over the house. For every order, you have 30 days to exchange a model or return it. Shop now and get free delivery for orders over $100!

Sonos Accessories