Optoma ZU500USTe WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

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Perfect for your small business or classroom

Supporting 24/7 operation and unique digital lens shift, the ZU500USTe is a flexible, powerful and bright ultra short throw projector perfectly for installations in where space or accessibility can be limited, such as shop windows, museums or retail displays.

 The ZU500USTe is powered by a long-lasting, low maintenance DuraCore laser light source. The lamp-less design vastly reduces running costs for a low total cost of ownership. Weighing only 5.7kg, this projector can be mounted just centimetres away from a wall or surface and can project an image size of over 130 inches.


Industry leading lifetime is achieved using Optoma’s DuraCore technology. Implementing advanced laser diode cooling techniques and an innovative dust resistant design.

IP5X Dust resistant optical engine

Independently tested and certified to IEC standard 60529 with an IP5X dust resistance rating. Outstanding dust resistance combined with exceptional brightness ensures industry leading durability; paramount for 24/7 maintenance free operation in challenging environments.

Ultra short throw lens

With an ultra-short throw lens, you can project an impressive image greater than 130” from less than a meter away. This allows you to place the projector closer to the wall, reducing shadows so you can present with ease; perfect for interactive applications.

Unique Digital Lens Shift

General ultra short-throw projectors do not allow users to adjust image positioning with Lens Shift because of optical limitation. To give users more image control, Optoma adds the digital lens shift feature on ZU500USTe to provide greater installation flexibility while projecting large images from a short distance away.

Optoma Digital Lens Shift is a great feature for installing an ultra short-throw projector in constrained spaces or low ceiling space like a conference room, exhibit space or home theatre because digital lens shift assists in properly aligning the projector’s image with the projector screen, making it far easier to correctly mount or position a projector for optimal image quality. It allows users to make an adjustment without physically moving the projector.

Total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership of a projector is not in the purchase cost but in expensive maintenance and service. The Optoma ZH500USTe requires very little maintenance; have no user serviceable parts inside and no filters that require periodic replacement. The result is low cost, predictable service cycles, enabling planned down time to be minimised.

Amazing colour

Optoma projectors provide reliable colour performance suitable for any content and environment. From accurate sRGB colours for lifelike images to vibrant punchy presentations. We have a display mode to specific meet your needs. Perfect for a range of graphic and video presentations.

HDR10 compatible

Capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data, Optoma HDR compatible projectors allow you to see far more detail and texture. Objects look more solid and life like and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. It’s like looking through a window.

True AV mute

True AV mute enables the light source of the projector to be instantly switched off and on at the press of a button. Unlike standard AV mute functionality no light is emitted from the projector, this gives 100% blackout on screen.

Full 3D

Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D compatible graphics cards, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation 3D media servers.

Compatible with Optoma Management Suite (OMS™)

Optoma Management Suite (OMS)™ is an intuitive display management solution, designed to streamline operations by monitoring, diagnosing and controlling audio visual displays via a local area network from a single platform and location. Users can also broadcast or schedule alerts and messages across displays and remotely program and schedule device operating hours, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs.

System integration and control

Featuring a wide range of options you can control and monitor the projector remotely:

  • RS232 Optoma projector’s come with an extensive set of RS232 commands making it simple and easy to manage using any control system.
  • AMX Compatibility Dynamic discovery protocol is incorporated into the projector allowing for easy installation with AMX control systems.
  • LAN Control Using the compatible RoomView® software you can power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer.
  • Schedule the projectors to power on/off.
  • Control and alter the projector settings using the simple web browser.
  • Emergency text broadcast capabilities for urgent or important announcements.
  • Automatically receive email updates for lamp maintenance.

Integrated Speaker

A powerful built-in speaker provides exceptional sound quality and an easy setup without the need for costly external speakers.

Gabi Recommends

If you are looking to wall-mount this projector the OWM3000 is a great option.


  • Bright 5,000 lumens with 100,000:1 high dynamic contrast
  • 30,000 hrs laser light source life (Eco mode)
  • 4 Corner and HV Keystone supported
  • Unique digital lens shift for easy setup.
  • 24/7 operation supported
  • Instant on / off
  • Compatible with Optoma Management Suite (OMS)

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