In-Ceiling Speakers & Subwoofers


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Sonos In-Ceiling PackSonos In-Ceiling Pack
Sonos In-Ceiling Pack
Sale priceFrom $1,790.00 Regular price$2,198.00
PairOn sale
Sonos In-Ceiling SpeakersSonos In-Ceiling Speakers
Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers
Sale priceFrom $989.00 Regular price$1,099.00
SONOS In-Ceiling Round Speaker Grilles (Pair)
Sonos In-Ceiling Round Speaker Grilles
Sale price$69.00
Krix Hemispherix AS In Ceiling SpeakersKrix Hemispherix AS In Ceiling Speakers
Krix IC-30 In Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$375.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio C165-T2 In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio C165-T2 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C165-T2 In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$233.00 Regular price$259.00
Krix Atmospherix A20 In Ceiling SpeakersKrix Atmospherix A20 In Ceiling Speakers
Krix IC-52 In Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$595.00
Krix Atmospherix AS In Ceiling SpeakersKrix Atmospherix AS In Ceiling Speakers
Krix IC-50 In Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$575.00
Krix Helix In Ceiling SpeakersKrix Helix In Ceiling Speakers
Krix IC-20 In Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$345.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio C280 In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio C280 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C280 In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$404.00 Regular price$449.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio AWC280 Outdoor In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio AWC280 Outdoor In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio AWC280 Outdoor In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$539.00 Regular price$599.00
Bowers and Wilkins CCM683 In-Ceiling SpeakerBowers and Wilkins CCM683 In-Ceiling Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins CCM683 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale priceFrom $699.50
Krix Hemispherix A20 In Ceiling SpeakersKrix Hemispherix A20 In Ceiling Speakers
Krix IC-32 In Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$425.00
Monitor Audio C3L In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio C3L In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C3L In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$1,299.00
Sonance VP66R In-ceiling SpeakersSonance VP66R In-ceiling Speakers
Sonance VP66R In-ceiling Speakers
Sale priceFrom $1,449.00
Save 10%
Monitor Audio ICS-8 In-Ceiling SubwooferMonitor Audio ICS-8 In-Ceiling Subwoofer
Monitor Audio ICS-8 In-Ceiling Subwoofer
Sale price$1,088.00 Regular price$1,209.00
EachRun-outSave 20%
Monitor Audio CS140 In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio CS140 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio CS140 In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$175.00 Regular price$219.00
Monitor Audio CL-SGW Square Speaker Grille
Monitor Audio CL-SGW Square Speaker Grille
Sale priceFrom $39.00
Bowers & Wilkins Marine 6 In-Ceiling SpeakersBowers & Wilkins Marine 6 In-Ceiling Speakers
Bowers & Wilkins Marine 8 In-Ceiling SpeakersBowers & Wilkins Marine 8 In-Ceiling Speakers
Bowers & Wilkins Marine 8 In-Ceiling Speakers
Sale price$1,199.00
Sonance VP86R In-ceiling SpeakersSonance VP86R In-ceiling Speakers
Sonance VP86R In-ceiling Speakers
Sale priceFrom $2,790.00
Sonance VP64R In-ceiling SpeakersSonance VP64R In-ceiling Speakers
Sonance VP64R In-ceiling Speakers
Sale priceFrom $1,099.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$314.00 Regular price$349.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio C265-FX In-CeilingMonitor Audio C265-FX In-Ceiling
Monitor Audio C265-FX In-Ceiling
Sale price$350.00 Regular price$389.00
EachSave 10%
Monitor Audio C165 In-Ceiling SpeakerMonitor Audio C165 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C165 In-Ceiling Speaker
Sale price$197.00 Regular price$219.00


In-Ceiling Speakers & Subwoofers

Many people have their own definition of a quality audio experience. For those who love ambient listening, in-ceiling speakers could be the... Read More