Ruark MR1 MK2 Bluetooth Speaker System

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Colour: Soft Grey lacquer with Lead Grey fabric grille
Optional extra: None

Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 Wireless Speaker

We love music. We make it, listen to it, talk about it and can’t imagine life without it and our MR1 Speaker System embodies this passion with an authentic sound that will bring you closer to the music you love.

Class leading and with multiple awards, our MR1 active speakers will provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Flawless as computer speakers, ideal to use with a turntable and a fantastic way to improve the sound of your TV, MR1 will fill any room with quality sound without dominating it, making them perfect for music lovers and the design conscious alike.

Manufacturer details:

Sound Foundations

We design and engineer all our music systems in-house, and have done so since Ruark was formed in 1985. The MR1 Speaker System embodies over 35 years of experience and winning the prestigious What Hi-Fi? Award six years in a row for Best Desktop Speakers, shows that we know our craft well. With their super high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver, you can wirelessly stream music from your computer or phone to MR1 with CD quality sound making them the foundation of a complete music system. Connect a turntable and be part of the vinyl revival and for film enthusiasts connecting MR1 to your TV will dramatically improve its sound quality and your enjoyment of everything you watch.

Engineered with care:

A Powerful Performance

Built into MR1 is a high fidelity stereo Class A-B amplifier and specially for MR1 we’ve developed custom loudspeaker units to deliver sound that belies their compact dimensions. Both the tweeter and bass drivers feature rare earth neodymium magnets which provide a powerful motor system with excellent control. With lightweight, low distortion moving assemblies, the drivers are able to instantaneously react and accurately follow the input signal delivering wonderful clean sound. MR1 brings all music to life, effortlessly and naturally. There’s no compromise in sound quality with a compact system like the MR1, which perform impressively and beyond their stature.

Great Connectivity

Voice controlled devices from the likes of Amazon and Google are popular, but deciding which may be right for you and which will stand the test of time can sometimes be daunting. This is a key reason why all our products incorporate Bluetooth and line inputs, so auxiliary devices such as these can easily be connected and enjoyed with our products class leading sound. Also as technology changes (which it is bound to) then it is easy to upgrade, but most importantly we’re confident that MR1 will still be providing great sound long after some of these technologies have been forgotten.

BackPack 3 Battery (optional)

Combine MR1 with our optional BackPack 3 and you will be able to enjoy MR1 wherever mains power is not available. Placing batteries inside takes valuable speaker capacity, but BackPack 3 allows MR1 to retain its rich mains powered performance with the benefit of portability when required.

A total evolution of the original, BackPack 3 attaches seamlessly to MR1 and once fitted can be left permanently in place as it charges automatically whenever connected to a mains power supply. A full charge will provide up to twelve hours of mains free listening depending on volume.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth with aptX
  • Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 20 watts nominal output
  • 3.5mm line input
  • Digital optical input
  • RCA Subwoofer output
Gorgeous design and superb performance make these Ruark MR1 a desktop favourite

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