What's On In February [2022]

What's On In February [2022]

I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I hope everyone is coping with the fact that we are well into February 2022! Where does that time go?

With manufacturing, shipping issues & widespread stock shortages in 2021, it was a rather quiet period for online deals & promotions here at Lenc - and we apologise about that. But the good news is that the tide looks to be turning, as 2022 hits the pavement galloping!

We have some amazing promotions going on this month, with a treat for just about everyone.

UK brands Wharfedale x Audiolab, are teaming up to offer you something special for the month of love, Marantz have extended their Cash-back deal on the new Model 30 Integrated Amplifier & SACD models, & Monitor Audio x SVS are rewarding you generously for going Home Theatre.

Along with a slew of promotions, we are also seeing a lot of new & exciting product releases from our biggest brands this month. The surprise announcements for us were - the Chord Mojo 2 headphone DAC, and the hotly-anticipated Automat A1 turntable from Pro-Ject Audio. And to top it off for our head-fi geeks, we also have new releases from both Earman with the Tradutto DAC & Dan Clark with their Stealth headphones to wrap your mitts around. Did we also mention that the B&W Zeppelin is back!

Yep! That's a lot of fun new toys to chew on for the Living Entertainment crew. So, let's dig in.

Check out our highlights:

  • Product of the month: Chord Mojo 2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier
  • Promotions galore! From Marantz, Monitor Audio, SVS, Audiolab & Wharfedale.
  • My favourite video this month - Audiolab: Omia The Ultimate Hi-fi All-In-One Solution?

1.) Product of the month: Chord Mojo 2 DAC & headphone amplifier

(Image Credit: Chord)

It's time again for our "Product of the month" - for February we have the SHOCK announcement of the Chord Mojo 2!

It’s been a difficult choice with so many fantastic new releases this month but when a stupidly popular product like the original Chord Mojo gets a bit of work done, it is always an exciting day in our books. Although the stylings of the new Mojo 2 do resemble to a large degree it's predecessor (notwithstanding the extra button & inclusion of USB-C on the outside of the chassis) it's what's on the inside that makes all the difference.

Introducing the next generation of portable hi-fi - Mojo 2 houses the world’s first lossless DSP technology, a new feature rich menu suite & that all-too-important USB-C connectivity.

Powered by smart charging battery tech, the original pocketable DAC we all know & love just got a major makeover.

Stock has just arrived, so I am off to have a tinker!  

We have just a handful left from this batch with more stock arriving in a few months. Secure yours today.

2.) Promotions galore! From Marantz, Monitor Audio, SVS, Audiolab & Wharfedale.

A tantalising cash back offer from Marantz.

You may be familiar with these products from our recent video review here, and if you are like us, you are a BIG BIG fan of the new Model 30 range from Marantz. Well, now is the best time to get your hands on this gear.

For a limited time, purchase the SACD30 N & get $250 cash back from the brand plus a limited edition double SACD set curated by Yoshimori Ogata. Purchase the matching Model 30 amplifier & get a further $250 cash back on that purchase as well.

Click here to see the products & to learn more.

Perfect for our home theatre lovers out there, the Pack City offer enables you to save 15% off RRP on a wide range of Monitor Audio & SVS speaker & subwoofer combinations through to March 15.

Simply purchase a 3.0 speaker combination of two front speakers & centre speaker or more - right up to a full blown 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos system - and save 15% off the RRP.

You can mix & match both Monitor Audio & SVS brands to create your ideal package combo (3.1, 5.1, 7.2 etc).

Give us a call to discuss a bespoke system that we can curate for you & take advantage of the 15% off RRP offer. OR.

Click here to look at the ready-made pack combinations we have.

And lastly, the Match Maker promotion is ideal for someone looking to purchase a complete hi-fi system for an absolute song.

From Feb 1 to Feb 28, 2022, we’re offering 25% off the RRP of popular Wharfedale loudspeakers when purchased with the Audiolab 6000A.

Click here to discover the perfect match for you.

3.) My favourite video this month: Audiolab: Omnia - The Ultimate Hi-Fi All-In-One Solution?

We are bringing in the new year with an all-new product from Audiolab.

It’s a CD player, streaming amplifier & a DAC - it does everything you would want in a modern hi-fi product… well, almost everything. 😅

In this month’s favourite video, Nat takes you through the ins & outs of the new Audiolab Omnia all-in-one amplifier, and this one-little-unit has a whole lot going for it!

In this review, Nat unravels everything from aesthetics & features through to sound quality & speaker pairings. It’s well worth a watch for those looking to simplify their setup, or get back into hi-fi after a short hiatus.

Click here to check out the Audiolab Omnia

That's it for now!

As always, thank you for your support of our small business.

And if you have made it this far, here is a friendly reminder to join our email for access to special subscriber-only pricing, product give-aways, industry news and much more!

Lastly, get in touch if you have any questions at all! We love to help.

Gabi & the LENC team.

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