Chord Mojo 2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Chord Mojo 2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

Mojo 2 is the most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier in the world.  It plays your favourite music with class-leading detail and clarity, right up to studio-grade levels.

Want to know how it compares to the original Chord Mojo?

See our in depth review below.

Manufacturers Details:


The British designed, engineered, and built Mojo 2 is the most advanced portable DAC and headphone amplifier in the world.

Distinctly different from all other devices, Mojo 2 uses proprietary British digital audio technology perfected over more than two decades, coupled to a powerful ‘FPGA’ processor. The result is class-leading sound quality both on the move or at home, with the power to effortlessly drive any headphones. For music just as the artist intended, Mojo 2 brings you closer to the music than any other portable.

Engineered With Care:


For more than 20 years, Chord Electronics has exclusively used powerful programmable (FPGA) circuits with custom coding to provide the most advanced digital-to-analogue conversion performance in the world. With digital audio technologies perfected over two decades, Mojo 2 contains more digital audio know-how than any other small DAC, resulting in unrivalled sound quality, all backed by peerless technical measurements from the lab.

Pair This With:

Whilst Chord has designed Mojo 2 to be practically bulletproof, there’s no accounting for cosmetic scratches, dents, or serious G-Force so why not protect your little guy with the official handmade Chord Mojo Case and have the ultimate peace of mind? What’s also great is that, if you’ve ever experienced button presses whilst in your pocket, the Mojo case provides a little more clearance around the buttons to prevent this from happening.

And what about streaming music? The Chord Poly Music Streamer is the first of its kind in the world. When partnered with Mojo, it enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at home or on the go. Poly is also a music player: its unlimited-capacity Micro SD card slot can house huge libraries and liberate storage on smart devices. Full smartphone control using everyday apps enables effortless music playback whether streaming or playing music from the Micro SD.

Key Features:

Mojo 2 brings exciting new features for music lovers.

  • Improved FPGA: more resolution, power and efficiency
  • Improved battery: FPGA-controlled management plus improved capacity
  • New menu function
  • 'UHD' DSP: advanced EQ adjustment for headphones, file formats and personal taste
  • Improved WTA filtering: 40 DSP cores for better transparency and lower noise
  • High-speed USB-C input
  • Two 3.5 mm headphone outputs
  • Wireless-ready: simply add the Poly streamer/server

    It can be happy at the heart of a stereo system, or used as a portable DAC with your phone. It really is a true all-rounder. I don't know any other DAC that compares in it's price-point, with it's features, with it's form-factor & for the sheer joy of using it.

    John Darko

    Customer Reviews

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    Sydney L.
    Mojo2 makes Focal Utopia sing

    Using the Mojo2 with Apple Music on a iPhone 13.

    Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless content playing through Mojo2 to a pair of Focal Utopia is as good, maybe even better, than a Hugo2


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