Wharfedale Aura 3 Floorstanding Speakers


The Wharfedale Aura 3 Floorstanding Speakers are a testament to Wharfedale's legacy of producing high-quality audio equipment.

These speakers are designed to offer a premium audio experience, whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying your favourite TV shows. Standing tall as floorstanding speakers, they bring a powerful and immersive soundstage to your home audio setup.

Sale price$6,499.00

Colour: Gloss Walnut

Key features

90mm AMT High-Frequency Transducer

5" Glass Fibre Matrix Bass Cone

Stunningly Realistic Crossover

Floorstanding Design

Real-Wood Veneer


Wharfedale Aura 3 Floorstanding Speakers

At the core of the Aura 3 speakers is the advanced AMT (Air Motion Transformer) high-frequency transducer. This technology sets them apart, providing exceptional clarity and detail in the treble range. Unlike conventional diaphragms, the folded AMT diaphragm design, immersed in a strong magnetic field, reproduces pressure waves with precision, ensuring that every high-frequency nuance is faithfully conveyed. This results in sparkling treble that enhances the realism of vocals, instruments, and ambient sounds.

Complementing the AMT transducer, the Aura 3 speakers feature high-quality drivers for the midrange and bass frequencies. These drivers, combined with a well-engineered crossover, ensure a seamless blend of frequencies, delivering a balanced and articulate sound. With a robust build and elegant design, including real wood veneer finishes in Black, White, and Walnut, the Aura 3 Floorstanding Speakers are not only about exceptional sound but also about adding a touch of sophistication to your living space. These speakers serve as a perfect addition to any audiophile's setup, providing both audio excellence and aesthetic appeal.

Wharfedale AMT High-Frequency Transducer

Differing from traditional dome or ribbon and planar diaphragms, the Wharfedale AMT high-frequency transducer stands out with its exceptional clarity and rapid transient response. Employing a distinctive folded diaphragm design immersed in a robust magnetic field, it faithfully reproduces pressure waves, eliminating the blurring effects often associated with diaphragm mass. The result is treble detail and an authentic sense of realism that enriches the harmonic nuances of vocals and musical instruments.

Glass Fibre Matrix Cones

To complement the AMT transducer, the AURA loudspeakers incorporate proprietary woven glass-fibre matrix diaphragms for the midrange and bass cones. These cones, equipped with high flexibility rubber surrounds, excel in delivering precise transient accuracy and efficiency. The voice coils, immersed within potent magnetic fields, are meticulously controlled by copper-clad pole pieces to minimise distortion. Mounted on die-cast aluminium chassis, these low-distortion motor systems provide rigidity and maintain precise transient response, ensuring exceptional audio performance.

AURA Crossover

At the core of every loudspeaker lies its crossover, and Wharfedale's AURA series showcases a painstakingly engineered crossover that ensures flawless integration between the drive units. By precisely dividing the frequency spectrum and aligning the acoustic performance of each driver, the AURA loudspeakers achieve a seamlessly blended sound. These crossovers undergo rigorous testing and evaluation for their acoustic transparency, with separate PCBs for the bass and midrange/treble crossovers to minimise electromagnetic interference. After extensive fine-tuning, employing advanced analysis and attentive listening, the AURA speakers deliver an astonishingly lifelike musical experience.

The cabinet

The AURA cabinets are a fusion of both artistry and engineering, meticulously crafted with multiple layers of distinct woods to minimise panel resonance to inaudible levels, ensuring pristine audio output. The gracefully curved cabinet design effectively disperses sound while mitigating undesirable reflections, elevating the overall listening experience. Available in Black, White, and Walnut real wood veneers, the AURA cabinets are meticulously lacquered and polished, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

Slot Loaded Profiled Port

Wharfedale's SLPP (Slot Loaded Profiled Port) bass reflex design, inspired by Gilbert Briggs' concept, significantly enhances bass performance within the AURA loudspeakers. The downward-facing port intelligently channels high-pressure, high-velocity airflow through a series of slot ports in the plinth, efficiently aligning it with the lower air pressure in the room. This innovative design minimises turbulence, optimising the overall efficiency of the bass reflex system. Combined with the low resonance characteristics of the bass units, the SLPP system delivers commanding and articulate bass extension, accurately reproducing the acoustic power of musical performances down to the 30Hz range.

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