The Performance Pack

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Is this Australia’s best value HiFi package?

This pack is made up of high-quality components that not only sound fantastic but are built to a standard normally reserved for much pricier items. Hand on heart we don’t believe there is a higher quality pack on the market at a better price, this is the real deal offered at a price that’s hard to argue with.

The pack comes all boxed up with every thing you need to get you playing your records! 

Items included in the pack:

Rotel A10 Integrated Amplifier (Black)

The A10 is based on the classic Rotel Class AB analog integrated amplifier, designed for music lovers everywhere. The architecture of the A10 is a perfect match for turntables, with an MM phono input like the one found on the Essential III in this pack. This efficiently designed amplifier is all about performance – processing audio entirely in the analog domain to provide hours of listening enjoyment.

Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable (Black)

Essential III is the audiophile entry-level turntable! 

Essential III offers a variety of enhancements compared to its successful predecessors, such as a diamond-cut aluminum drive pulley, a resonance-optimized MDF main platter and MDF chassis. The refined, high-precision platter bearing has significantly lower tolerances than Essential II. Essential III is the audiophile entry turntable! The setup is very simple, the included Phono RCA cable, Connect it E, sounds far above its price range. Equipped with the high-quality pickup OM10 by the phonographic cartridge pioneer Ortofon, Essential III delivers a lively, balanced and highly involving sound that will delight every vinyl lover.

Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Bookshelf Speakers (Black)

The Monitor Audio Bronze 50 bookshelf loudspeaker is the most compact model in the series and delivers a size-defying audio performance.

Designed to perform in the smallest of living spaces, the compact and bookshelf-friendly Bronze 50s will deliver the renowned Monitor Audio sound even when placed close to a wall. They are truly versatile and are ideal for both hi-fi and home cinema playback – they can bring games to life by revealing fresh audio detail. Add the Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos® enabled speakers atop the Bronze 50 to heighten the surround experience.

The smallest speaker in the Bronze Series houses our renowned C-CAM mid-bass driver and C-CAM Gold dome tweeter to ensure powerful and detailed audio reproduction with an improved stereo performance.