SVS Ultra Evolution Centre Speaker

Flagship reference 3-way SVS center speaker delivers pristine clarity and powerful dynamics with astonishingly large sweet spot for the finest home theaters

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Colour: Black Oak

Key features

Floor-standing Tower Loudspeaker

Great colour options

Dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts

Dual 2.5” wide-flared rear-firing ports

Cloth grille with magnetic retention system


SVS Ultra Evolution Centre Speaker

SVS Ultra Evolution Center speaker represents the culmination of SVS breakthroughs in driver design, component materials, and cabinet architecture, married with a relentless passion for audio excellence. The science of sonic perfection in harmony with a love of convincing and immersive sound.

With a true 3-way driver and crossover design, Ultra Evolution Center renders a broad and diffuse sweet spot so you can enjoy optimal sound in a wider listening area. This is especially important for rooms with multiple seating positions. Voices and sonic details are rendered with pristine clarity and exciting dynamics for more convincing movie and TV sound.

Time-aligned cabinet geometry, diamond coated aluminum dome tweeters, organic cellular lattice diffuser, and other advancements embody an uncompromising approach to speaker design.

These innovations are brought to life with painstaking anechoic and real-world measurement and voicing. This final bit of artistry places Ultra Evolution Center among the highest fidelity center channel speakers ever created.

Our mission has always been to ignite a passion for transcendent music and home theater experiences by rendering the truest sonic playback.

The joy of pinpoint accuracy, absolute transparency, stunning dynamics, and effortless bass for more people than ever. SVS Ultra Evolution Center deeply connects you to the emotion of sound.

Time Aligned Cabinet Geometry

Curved front baffle aligns the acoustic center ofthe tweeter and wooferon a vertical plane ensuring sound from each driver reaches your ears at the exact same instant.

Maximizes phase coherence for more convincing and immersive soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and imaging.

Diamond Coated Aluminum Dome Tweeter

Through a process called Vapor Deposition, a layer of diamond carbon is applied to the aluminum dome tweeters to vastly improve rigidity and acoustic properties.

This breakthrough in material science raises the frequency response well beyond the limits of human hearing resulting in effortless, airy, and unveiled highs with no measurable distortion.

3-Way Crossover Design with Vertical Tweeter Midrange Array

Uncompromising 3-Way crossover with premium components seamlessly blends driver output. Subtle musical details rendered with breathtaking clarity, massive dynamics radiate with weight and control from the highest to lowest octaves.

Precisely tuned crossover frequencies and slopes between tweeter, midrange, and woofers result in truthful phase coherency and a precise, robust soundstage.

Glass Fiber Composite Midrange Driver and Woofers

Superb stiffness to mass ratio conveys stunning dynamics with flawless tonal accuracy throughout the middle octaves where most sound is present.

Rich, effortless bass from composite glass-fiber cone with custom surround for peak sensitivity and excursion.

#colour_Piano Gloss White

Unrelenting Attention to Detail

Separate, acoustically tuned internal chamber for the midrange optimizes separation and eliminates any potential for cabinet resonances, resulting in pristine sound across the frequency spectrum.

Precision-cast aluminum-alloy baskets ensure precise alignment of critical components and maximize thermal dissipation.

#colour_Piano Gloss White
Upgraded from the Ultra Center to the Ultra Evolution Center to match with the Ultra Evolution Titan's and complete my front sound stage, it sounds great! Highly recommended.

Mark H.

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