SVS SoundPath Digital Optical Cable

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Length: 1m

SVS SoundPath Digital Optical Cable

Maintaining absolute signal purity and impervious to nearly all interference, the SVS SoundPath Optical Cable delivers all the benefits of a high-end cables at prices within reach of anyone.

Compatible with standard and high-definition devices with an optical or TOSLINK port, the polished monofilament design and 24K gold connectors ensure smooth transitions and efficient signal transfer for pristine digital audio playback.

Inspired Engineering for Reference Performance

Cables should never be the weakest link in your system, nor should they cost more than your speakers and components. Delivering sound as pulses of light, the unique design of SVS SoundPath Digital Optical Cables ensure a faithful representation of the source signal.

The polished solid core conductor and monofilament design provides an optimal pipeline for lossless data transfer. Aircraft-grade aluminium terminals and 24K gold-plated connectors ensure a secure and highly conductive connection for truthful rendering of a source signal.

A protective braided cotton jacket provides easy gripping and flexibility for convenient routing and placement.

Engineered without compromise using world-class components, SVS SoundPath Digital Optical Cables maintain secure connections and absolute audio signal purity between components. The result is pristine sound with precise timing that is free from noise and distortion.

Key Features:

  • Available in 1-3 meter lengths
  • 24K gold plated metal connectors
  • Works with both 2-channel stereo and multichannel home theatre systems
  • Protective cotton braided jacket for easy gripping and management

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    This cable looks and sounds really good. Highly recommended!


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