Rega Kyte Bookshelf Speakers


Step into a world of breathtaking sound quality with the Rega Kyte loudspeakers.

Sale price$999.00

Key features

Hand-assembled in the UK

80 Watts Per Channel

Rega ZRR tweeter

Rega MX-125 mid / bass

Bass reflex, rear ported


Rega Kyte Bookshelf Speakers

Designed to deliver the true Rega sound at an affordable price, these compact bookshelf speakers are a testament to our commitment to exceptional audio engineering.

With handmade MX-125 bass-mid drivers and our own ZRR high frequency unit, the Kyte speakers offer a listening experience like no other.

Meticulously designed and hand-assembled in-house, these speakers are not just an audio device; they're a statement piece that complements any hi-fi or audio system.

Phenolic Resin Cabinets

The Kyte loudspeakers feature custom-designed phenolic resin cabinets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also acoustically superior.

The ceramic plates and carefully engineered cross bracing make the cabinet extremely stiff, preventing unwanted resonances and improving both dynamics and bass performance.

Handmade MX-125 Bass-Mid Unit

The Kyte speakers are equipped with handmade MX-125 bass-mid units that deliver rich, detailed bass and midrange frequencies.

The four-layer voice coil ensures precision and accuracy in sound reproduction, allowing you to experience your music with stunning clarity.

Rega ZRR High Frequency Unit

Designed by Rega, the ZRR high frequency unit delivers crisp and clear high frequencies, adding depth and dimension to your audio experience.

Its unique design ensures accurate and lifelike sound reproduction, making you feel like you're in the midst of a live performance.

Bass Reflex Design

The rear-ported bass reflex design of the Kyte speakers enhances bass response, providing a rich and immersive listening experience.

Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the Kyte speakers deliver powerful and dynamic sound that fills the room.

UK Designed and Manufactured

As with all Rega products, the Kyte loudspeakers are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Each speaker is carefully hand-assembled to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards, giving you a product that is built to last a lifetime.

We find the Rega Kyte speakers refreshingly unfussy when it comes to placement.

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