Pro-Ject Debut PRO S Turntable


The Debut PRO S turntable offers a conscious music experience. With a matte black finish and manual controls, it prioritizes simplicity and tactile interaction. No unnecessary distractions—just pure, immersive listening with a rewarding musical experience.

Sale price$1,599.00

Key features

33⅓ & 45 RPM

Record Puck E included

10" S shape tonearm

Azimuth & VTA fine-tuning

Die-Cast Aluminium Platter with TPE ring


Pro-Ject Debut PRO S Turntable

Pro-Ject's turntables demand conscious music listening and the Debut PRO S takes this philosophy to the extreme. Pro-Ject have finished all parts in matte black.

The manual controls invite the listener to interact with the turntable: turn it on, place the record on the platter, move and lower the tonearm. The musical reward follows the tactile experience. No unnecessary switches, LEDs, or labelling distract from what is essential.

Pick it S2 C

The perfect combination of components is the key to achieve the great sound of the Pick it PRO S.

Alumium Sub-Platter

The diamond cut aluminium sub-platter can be machined to much improved and higher tolerances and will be a substantial upgrade to regular sub-platters.

10" S-Shape

This super stiff and uniquely dampened aluminium tonearm ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

VTA & Azimuth

The Debut PRO S comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your turntable as you want it.

33/45/78 RPM

The playback speeds are electronically controlled with precision, which guarantees the most accurate and stable music reproduction. Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch.

The Debut PRO S is an enticing package, with a well-designed deck at its core, together with all the bits and bobs you need to listen to vinyl in higher quality.

Jamie Biesemans

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