Pro-Ject Antiskating Weight

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Living Entertainment North Coast

Anti-Skating Weight For Your Tonearm

This anti-skating weight is suitable for all current model single piece Pro-Ject carbon tonearms. This includes Debut Carbon DC, 1Xpression series, 2Xperience SB and Xtension series. Also suitable for the Essential MKII with its aluminium tonearm.

The gravity mediated anti-skating weight is the most pure way to ensure perfect tonearm control. The torque applied by this weight counteracts the natural tendency for the tonearm to move toward the spindle of the turntable. A correctly set anti-skating weight will ensure an improved soundstage and will also mitigate the effects of a skating event during playback.

It also does suit a number of other brands and tables. For legacy turntables or anything not mentioned above, please get in touch for further information.


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