Pro-Ject 78 RPM Pulley Kit with Belt

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Pro-Ject 78 RPM Pulley Kit with Belt

78 RPM Modification for Some Pro-Ject Models

Manufacturers Details:

The 78 RPM Pulley Kit contains an alternative belt and pulley for supported Pro-Ject turntables (but does not include an alternative stylus or cartridge).

Engineered With Care:

Once installed, the 78 RPM Pulley Kit allows supported turntables to play 33 and 78 RPM speeds, with manual speed adjustment. Please note that by using this kit you will lose the ability to play at 45 RPM.

You will need a suitable stylus to play 78 RPM records.

Key Features:


  • Debut II (all versions, except SB version)
  • Debut III (all versions, except SB version)
  • Debut Carbon (all versions, except Debut Carbon Esprit SB version)
  • Debut SE II
  • RPM 5
  • 1Xpression
  • 1Xpression II
  • 1Xpression III
  • 1Xpression Carbon
  • 1.2
  • 2.9 Classic
  • 2.9 Wood
  • 6.9
  • RPM 4
  • RPM 6
  • RPM 6 SB

PLEASE NOTE: with some 12" platters, the start-up speed can be slower with the 78 RPM pulley kit installed. Please recognise the platter may benefit from a little nudge to help it get going.

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