Nordost Supreme Reference Odin 2 Power Cable

Award winner

The exceptional electrical & mechanical properties of this cable produce an immense effect. Using Odin 2 Power Cords throughout your system will result in a nearly silent noise floor, a true black background, and the range of music desired.

Sale price$33,059.00
Length: 1.25m
Connector: IEC C15

Nordost Supreme Reference Odin 2 Power Cable

NOTE: This product has a typical lead time of 2-4 weeks.

The Odin 2 Power Cord is constructed with seven silver-plated, close tolerance, 14 AWG 99.999999% oxygen free copper conductors. Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament technology is then used so that the twisted pair filaments create a virtual air dielectric between the extruded FEP insulation and each individual conductor. These intricately wound and separately insulated conductors are aligned with superb geometrical accuracy and consistency, offering perfect conditions for mechanical resonances. To allow for a faster rise time in the 50/60 Hz cycle and negate any EMI or RFI influences, each conductor is then protected by a layer of silver-plated lapped ribbon shielding. Nordost’s TSC technology continues in the construction of its purpose-built, 100% shielded, HOLO:PLUG® connector, which is provided on both the IEC and plug ends.

Manufacturer's details:

The exceptional electrical and mechanical characteristics of this cable produce an overwhelming effect. Incorporating Odin 2 Power Cords throughout your system will result in a seemingly non-existent noise floor, an infinitely black background and the true depth in range that music calls for.

In short, Nordost’s Odin 2 doesn’t just push the envelope of how unforced audio can sound through a cable; it breaks the sound barrier.

Alan Sircom


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